Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Is Sheddi Baba runing mad?

We got this from Hazeez Balogun's Blog. My concern about the comedian who is a very good friend of mine started when I saw his Facebook profile which read that he was dead. It was written in second person, so I took it very seriously. I know that as a comedian, he may be trying to play a very expensive joke. But I still thought death was too much to joke about. I decided to call his phone which he did not pick. I left him a message asking why his fb page said he was dead. I was expecting a funny reply like, "Got you"!!! or something like that. But the response I got got me more worried. He sent to me, "Hazeez M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ Brother! They can only kill d flesh but not d spirit." I did not even know how to respond to that. I have been trying to reach him since then but he wont respond.
Just today, his brother left this message
"I will like to use dis opportunity to humbly beg and plead to everyone to please ignore all messages pasted by Sheddi Baba. Am the younger brother to Sheddi Baba..I can't really xpose what his going tru right now, but pls put him in prayers and God will bless u..i have read all the message he posted so i have to collect his password and delete all. Thanks and God bless u as u keep praying.!!!"
Now that is scary. I will try and get to his house to know whats going on. meanwhile do pray for him

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