Tuesday, 29 April 2014

You can now rent films on DSTV

Last week, MultiChoice officially launched a movie rental service for Nigerians. The service is called BoxOffice and according to what we gathered, it was aimed to provide subscribers of DSTV with the ultimate in home television entertainment. BoxOffice allows subscribers to rent and watch the latest blockbuster movies in the comfort of their homes, right on their DStv Explora decoders.
The major advantage according to the tv house is that Box Office will solve the problem of piracy for Nigerian movie makers. if movie makers give their movies to DSTV to rent to viewers on DSTV, it does not need to go through marketers anymore and will no longer be sold on the street. It will only be on Box office. That ways copies cannot be made illegally.
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Husband’s woes trails Laide Bakare

laide baCertainly, these are not the best of times for popular actress, Laide Bakare, as she seems to have been caught in the web of the face-off involving her husband, Alhaji Atanda Orilowo, also known as ATM, and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over a multi-billion Naira estate project in Lagos. The fraud mess is over a N2.5b
Her husband had threatened to go to court to put a stop to the intimidation by EFCC and settle all the issues once and for all, but it seems the man was just bragging. He has not been seen and the anti-corruption body say Alhaji Orilowo is on the run. They’ve now been empowered to take over his properties.
For the wife, actress Laide Bakare, things have turned from a happy luxurious life as she dreamed to a crises filled one. It gets worse, EFCC had got an order of court, a forfeiture on the properties of Orilowo. After placing the order on his filling stations, EFCC is now set to shut down the boutique that belongs to Laide Bakare since it is regarded as one of Orilowo’s property.

Nollywood pays respect as Amaka Igwe passes on

On Monday night, Nigerian film-maker and Nollywood icon, Amaka Igwe died in an Enugu hospital. She was 51 years old at the time of her death. She was doing pre-production preparations for a new Igbo soap opera in Enugu when she suffered an asthma attack and was immediately rushed to the hospital. She finally passed on after several interventions to resuscitate her failed.  She was in the company of her husband when she died.
Mrs Igwe is survived by her husband of 21 years, Charles Igwe, three children, an aged mother, siblings and a large extended family. Before her death, Amaka Igwe (nee Isaac-Ene) was an accomplished writer, producer, director, entrepreneur and teacher. Her numerous works are deemed classics, and are models which other producers create their works after.
Though she had been producing for some time, her genius was first discovered when she wrote and produced the award-winning TV soap opera 'Checkmate' and it’s off-shoot 'Fuji House of Commotion'. Igwe was also well invested in the media, she was the founder of BoBTV Expo, the founder and CEO of Top Radio 90.9FM, Amaka Igwe Studios, and the newly-launched Q Entertainment Networks. She also produced RattleSnake and Violated, two of the best-selling Nollywood movie of all time.
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Friday, 25 April 2014

Breaking!!! Half of a Yellow Sun banned

After much anticipation for the film, Nigerians might not get to watch Half of a Yellow sun after all. I can confirm to you that the Nigerian Film Sensors board has forbade the film for being aired. So it will not be on cinema, Tv, or even on CD. The board did not give reasons for the ban but I can bet that it has to do with the hot and steamy sex scenes in the movie. At one point, a 'live' breast was shown in the movie. Before now, there had been anticipation that Nigerians will not buy the sex scenes, but no one thought of NFVCB ban. So it's official, no Half of a Yellow sun for now.

Press release from producers reads:
Shareman Media, the Nigerian producers, and FilmOne Distribution, the Nigerian distributors, of the feature film, Half of a Yellow Sun, announces as follows:

"The highly anticipated release of Half of a Yellow Sun in Nigeria has been postponed due to delays in obtaining certification from the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board for the public release of the film.  Subject to obtaining the certification of the Board, the film is now rescheduled for release on 2nd May 2014."

Thursday, 24 April 2014

femi Sowoolu gives daughter away

Femi and daughter
Veteran broadcaster, Femi Sowoolu went with her daughter today to the marriage registry. The couple were clad in casual clothing while Sowoolu was looking dapper as usual in a suit. We gather that a big wedding is on the wway

Why??? Actress Ufoma Ejenobor changes her name

Ufuoma-EjenoborAt exactly the age of 33, Nollywood actress, Ufuoma Ejenobor wants to be regarded and addressed as Ufuoma S McDermott. The actress made the announcement while thanking friends, fans and colleagues for the out pour of felicitations as she turned 33 on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.
And let me officially say… I will from henceforth be addressed as Ufuoma S McDermott. Thanks again. I pray he preserves us another year. Mwah,” she said. 
“It sounds rather cliché when one takes to social media to say thanks for goodwill wishes. Please understand how overwhelming it truly is, yet how impossible to physically tell each and everyone a personal thanks which is deserving. The calls, sms, prayers, putting up pics, the on air calls, messages. …God bless y’all. May his favour never leave you. The day went quick with a full body scrub, steam, massage, facials, blowdry, manicure and pedicure at @totalbeautydermacentre Then watched KNOCKING ON HEAVEN’S GATE by Emem Isiong and @iniedo who happens to be a bday mate. Now these two things I strongly recommend this week. Get relaxed and see this movie. By the way, big ups to Majid, Blossom, Ini and the lead actress. .. Plus Desmond in directing. Its was BriLLianTTTTTe?” she wrote.

American gospel guru McClurkin set for Nigeria

Donnie McClurkin, Micah Stampley, Samny Okposo, Mike Aremu are some of the gospel artistes that will perform in songs at the forthcoming Word Conference of The Rock Church. These artistes will perform during the concert organised to take place on Saturday evening.
The House on The Rock Church, convener of the popular gospel music concert, 'The Experience', will host its maiden edition of The Word Conference at its headquarters, The Rock Cathedral from Wednesday 23rd to Sunday 26th of April 2014. The conference is an addition to the series of activities by the Church in its effort to bring the ‘Word’ to the people. The theme for the conference is ‘Dominion'.
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Terry - G takes to the streets

Naija Street Champ Debuts

Naija Street Champ, a new music talent hunt challenge aimed at discovering new street music solo talent has debut in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Naija Street Champ Challenge is an initiative of Unmissable incentives Limited. The competition is an open-mic music competition that allows young people ‘free-style’ to beats.  It will tours Lagos major neighbourhood in search of new solo singing talents working with renowned music producers; D-Tunes, Terry G and I.D Cabasa.
Speaking on the event,  the General Manger, Unmissable incentives Limited, Mr. Kayode Idowu disclosed that the challenge aims at discovering best street solo singers in the country where the winner is determined by both the public and music producers. Idowu stated that the Naija Street Champ challenge will provide a springboard for launching the career of street singers and bona-fide singers.

To enter for the competition which is opened to young and aspiring music talents between 18 years and above, interested contestants can enter for the competition by downloading a beat on the challenge’s website at www.naijastreetchamp.com and fill an audition form after obtaining a registration PIN at N1, 000 at Zenith Bank branch. After, the completion of the form, the contestants will be required to submit the form and receive a confirmation message. The winner of the Naija Street Champ challenge will go home with One Million Naira (N1,000,000.00)prize money and a 3 year contract deal.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Calm returns to P-Square family

We all have  read various stories about the alleged split of the twin sensation P-Square. sure most of them are not true, but what is true is that there was some tension between the siblings - Just like any other siblings. I can tell you that the whole thing is over between P-Square and they are back to being the duo we all like.
Paul says, 'After the storm comes the calm. Hoping for better days ahead as one family. God’s intervention'

Femi Branch goes deeper into debt. How he scammed Abuja business women

Movie stars are known to be ladies men and same goes for the tall, dark and handsome actor, Femi branch. However, there are some ladies not happy with the actor at the moment. Some ladies in Abuja are calling the actor a fraudster. Branch was said to have employed the services of these ladies in various capacities without paying for their services. He also bought some clothing products from some of them without paying for it.
The actor himself however did not dispute these claims. When reached, Femi Branch confirmed that he actually employed the services of a lady called Deola who had helped him with publicity and organisation of his event which held in Abuja in August.  He says the event did not go as planned and he lost a lot of money in the process. This is why he was not able to pay the people he owed.
The people he owes include the eventmanager, ushers, ticket sellers, hostesses, drivers and caterers. While speaking with him on phone, Branch said he tried to control the situation and paid up after the event, but the event did not make the kind of money he had expected. “I have hosted the same event in other locations and the event went very well, so I expected the same thing to happen in Abuja. The agency I trusted to organise the event did not do a good job of it so I lost a lot of money. In the process, I ended up owing a lot of people who helped out at the event,” Branch said.
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Tinsel searches for fresh actors

The home of premium African entertainment, AfricaMagic, home of African movies and producers of some of the continent’s hit TV shows is throwing its doors open as it auditions for Africa’s next brightest TV and Film stars!

As part of its contribution to the development of local productions of film and TV initiatives in Nigeria, AfricaMagic, the leading content provider in African is once again calling on aspiring actors and actresses in the country to audition for various roles in the popular multi-camera soap opera, Tinsel and its first ever film feature initiative, AfricaMagic Original Films.
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Exclusive!!! Obiwon releases Video Teaser (watch here)

Monday, 21 April 2014

Sofia, Tchidi Chikere's ex wife reveals 'Secrets'

sophiachikere3Tchidi Chikere’s ex-wife, Sophia has recently revealed her 'secret'.
The actress and businesswoman reportedly revealed her perfumery line in Port Harcourt.
called Sophia’s Secret, the official launch of the perfume line would take place on Saturday April 19, 2014.

Chinda quits, Monalisa crumbles

Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda has quit her self named magazine, Monalisa after her split with business partner, Lanre Nzeribe. The same man is rumoured to be her lover. A claim she neither acknowledges or denies. 
In a statement released by the actress publicists, the lovers couldn’t settle their differences, they had to go separate ways.
“We regret to officially announce the resignation of Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda from Monalisa Magazine, which also marks the end of her partnership with Mr. Lanre Nzeribe, due to irreconcilable professional differences.
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Half of a Yellow Sun: Nigerians get the last of it.

Half of a Yellow Sun Review
With the success of the book, hopes of the Half of a Yellow sun being a Success was very high and after watching the film, there is no disappointment. It’s screen play followed the book to the letter, perhaps it followed it too much that it takes the enjoyment of it as a 'film' away, and replaced it with the 'need to satisfy those who read the book'. If you did not read the book, before watching the film, you may feel a bit disillusioned. You may ask yourself, what exactly did I just watch? You might not get the crux of the movie.
This does not mean the film is not a good film. In fact production wise, it is probably the best film ever done in Nigeria. It should be, it costs over a Billion Naira to produce. 
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What is Clarion Chukuwra and and Moyo Lawal cooking?

Nollywood actresses, Clarion Chukwurah and Moyo Lawal have made the list of acts on a new flick entitled Forbidden Choice.
The flick, which is been directed by Reginald Ebere also has Mike Ezuruonye on set.
It should be noted that Movie Moments spotted Moyo Lawal and Mike Ezuruonye at the Lagos airport boarding an Aero Contractor flight to Owerri last week.

Regina Askia sneaks in and out

Last week, former soap opera queen, Regina Askia was in the country, but only very few people were aware of her presence. Regina who has been based in the United States for over 15 years now was invited by the governor of Akwa-Ibom State, Godswill Akpabio to attend a memorial service. The actress who is obviously excited about her visit went to her online profiles to post experience of her Nigeria visit.
One of her profiles read, “I am back in the USA. I was invited by the Governor’s office in Akwa Ibom State to be a part of the ‘Diaspora Unity team 2014’ and to attend a memorial service in honour of the innocents accused as saboteurs by their kinsmen tortured and slain in the civil war aftermath as well as tour and make a critical appraisal of the "uncommon transformation projects" in the State.”
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Pics of Nigerians giving blood

So what are you waiting for. donate donate donate, People's lives depend on it

Monday, 14 April 2014

New Zealand, Australia to get a taste of Nollywood

Nollywood has been making it’s presence known in a lot of places around the world. This time around it is going to the other side of the world. Australasian Nollywood Festival Limited, based in Wellington, New Zealand has announced that it will be hosting a Nollywood film festival later in the year.
This will be the first time Nigerian movies will be taking prominence in the oceanic countries. “We are hosting the first edition of a festival of Nollywood movies in New Zealand and Australia in September and October 2014. Australasian Nollywood Festival 2014 will feature a diverse selection of Nollywood productions. Already we have asked Nigerian producers to submit their works to be screened at this festival, said AdeTayo Agunlejika, one of the directors of the festival.

“Good initiative. Let the show go on. Hopefully this will help in the construction of a new and positive narrative on Nigeria in NZ and the Pacific region in general. Two thumbs up,” Ambassador Ayo Olukanni; Nigeria High Commission in Canberra, Australia was quoted as saying in a press release. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Davido in first movie appearance

“Davido is delighted over his Nollywood debut and he can’t wait for the project to kick off,” Nollywood actor, Ikechukwu Francis Ojeogwu recently disclosed. Speaking to Box Office, Ikechukwu, who doubles as the lead actor and producer of the flick entitled ‘John Zerebe’ said the music act has lot of things at stake in the movie.
“This is Davido’s first movie appearance, I, as the producer, have been able to work out things in such a manner that it would be beneficial to us all. I’ve crafted out a role that I know would put him in a comfortable position and won’t make him either excessive or otherwise,” Ike began.

Speaking further, Ike said “Davido is quite delighted and very supportive on this project like he has always been and he’s so big that if he puts his hand in anything that doesn’t worth it, it would tarnish his image and what he has built for himself. He has a lot at stake, aside from the financial stake, his image is also at stake and he’s taking this as serious as any other business. I know how big Davido is and I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on him because of his busy schedule and it is his first appearance furthermore, the script is in such a way that he doesn’t over shadow the beauty of the script but however, adds his weight to the success of project.”

Soccer star wife back on with new movie

After several years of leaving the movie scene, Nollywood actress, Bose Alao Omotoyossi, has successfully returned to the acting world. The wife of the Nigerian born Beninese soccer star, Rasak Omotoyossi, has returned to the screen with her new movie,’ Talo Smart’.
The actress who went off the movie scene shortly after she completed her last movie, ‘Olasubomi’, was rumoured to have dumped her career for marriage. “I completely stepped down from acting because I wanted to take proper care of my family, as a wife and a mother and also to strategize on my next project,” she told Box Office.
The new movie, Talo Smart stars Femi Adebayo, Jaiye Kuti, Iyabo Ojo, Yomi Gold, Yemi Yerry, Kunle Afod, Dele Ogundipe, Temitayo Adeniyi (Shakira), Romoke Ibrahim among others. The movie is Directed by Okiki Afolayan and marketed by Corporate Pictures. The actress said, “I have Corporate Pictures, one of the best marketers in charge of this project because I don’t want have setback in marketing distribution like in my previous project.”

The Victoria Kimani's reality show


Chocolate City Music in collaboration with Reel E TV presents THE RISE OF THE QUEEN, a reality web series covering Victoria Kimani behind the scenes over the last couple of months.
The reality series follows her as she records new music, goes for radio and TV interviews, and meets with some of the biggest names in the Nigerian entertainment scene, to her opening for the legendary Mary J Blige.
The show, which will start airing at 1pm weekly, from the 8th of April on Victoria’s YouTube channel, contains premium content all during Victoria’s stay in Nigeria. The mini documentary also reveals her interaction with her team at the Chocolate City, Nigeria, while bring fans closer to how Queen Victoria “rolls”.
Don’t forget to put the 8th of April on your calendar, and get ready for a no holds barred experience with the Queen, on her YouTube page (Victoria Kimani)

Episode 1: Victoria almost misses her interview at City People, and faces hiccups a day before she opens for the Mary J Blige Concert in Lagos.  

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Star Quest finaly ends

Star Quest, the music talent show which produced major Nigerian music and entertainment stars like KCEE, Klint D’Drunk, Mr Raw, and helped kick start the careers of many others like Presh, Psquare, Asa, DJ Switch and more, may have been rested by the organisers.

The show, which started in year 2002, has not held in two years, and news emerged today that the company is launching a new talent show called The Winner Is Star Quest was a property of Star Lager, Nigeria’s leading beer which is also behind other popular music shows like Star Music Trek, Star Music App and Star Megajam.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Davido's New York show flops, apologises to fans

David Adeleke’s has rather unfortunately kick started his much publicized US tour on a wrong foot. Fans of the celebrated pop star came out in their droves for his much hyped concert but were utterly disappointed when they had to wait hours before the pop star eventually mounted the stage.
The concert which is the opener of Davido’s first official US tour was considered by his many fans as a total flop. Many of the fans who attended the infamous concert did not however fail to express their disappointments as they took to social media to vent their discontentment.
Many identified improper time management and botch in planning, coordination and logistics as the major shortcomings of the skelwu concert. An affected fan with the instagram handle ‘de_vyn’ complained about the indiscriminate use of hard drugs(weed) at the venue of the concert. Others also complained about the fact that they had to wait hours before Davido, the main act of the concert eventually mount the stage.
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Shan George robbed

Nollywood actress, Shan George’s Calabar home was recently raided by suspected robbers, who carted away some of her belongings. The actress said the robbery took place while she left her house untended. She said that she was lost almost all her electronic gadgets to the robbery.

She said this in a text message, “Robbers entered my house in Calabar last night and carted away with electronics, money, jewellery, shoes, watches. They broke my car side window to open the car door and practically tore the car apart. Friends who are trying to console me since this morning say I should not worry because It’s a blessing, how is a thing like this a blessing?,” she asked. 

Nigeria and South Africa should cooperate more – Peace Anyaiam Osigwe

The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Africa Movie Academy Awards(AMAA) during the week said that Nigeria and South Africa has a lot to do in the development of Africa and there should be co-0peration between the two. She said this at the at a gala night which took place at the Emperor Palace Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa. The event and previous ones held are precursors to the Awards itself. 
The event also served as the unveiling of the nominees at AMAA. Frome the nominees list, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana have the highest number of nominations at the awards scheduled to take place at the oil-rich state of Bayelsa in a couple of weeks.
Celebrities from Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia and South Africa were in attendance including representatives of the government of South Africa and Namibia while the delegation from Malawi was led by the daughter of President Joyce Banda, Mrs. Edith Akridge. South African films such as Of Good Report, The Forgotten Kingdom made good showing while Nigeria’s Apaye, Omo Elemosho, Accident, A mile from Home and Lagos Cougar placed the most populous black nation in the world in a strong position.
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