Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Exclusive interview with Africa Magic new boss

Nollywood will keep on improving – Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu

Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu has been in the brands and marketing circles in Nigeria for a long time. After years at British Ameriacan Tobacco(BAT), she moved to Coca-Cola and later Airtel Nigeria. Earlier this year, Wangi took over as the Regional Director, Africa Magic, West. Senior Correspondent, Hazeez Balogun was in her office recently and she speaks about her plans for the company and the Nigerian entertainment industry as a whole.

You took on the position in March, It is not a small seat, how has it been running such a large organisation?
Thankfully, I had been in the company for over a year before I assumed the position. I try to take everyday as it comes and not see the seat as big. You towards your goal, and you get it and here I am. It has been interesting and challenging at the same time. You know it is not easy stepping into a system that is already doing quite well, you have to make sure that you have something you are adding and nothing falls or slips away. It is easier to set up something from scratch but more difficult to build on something that exists.
There are many people who will be looking at the organisation before I joined and how the place was run and they will be looking critically at me and will be comparing. That is natural, but so far so good, I thank God.
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Uti not so impressive as ‘The winner is’ hits the air

As the television show ‘The winner is’ commences, it has quickly gained a lot of followership. Organisers say game show is an intense Three months packed with electrifying performances as well as nail-biting decision making which will all be delivered on the stunning ‘Star The Winner Is’ stage.
With contestants going head to head, showcasing their vocal prowess in duel battles all aiming for a spot in the semi-finals and finale, the season premiere did not fall short with the likes of 23 year old freelance musician Sonia Ebhota, Joy Siakpere who sings in restaurants for a living and Augustine Owviri who dreams of being a fashion icon.
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GUS opens desks at malls

As registration deadline the Ultimate Search draws near, organisers are ensuring that they are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that the maximum number of participants take part in the auditions.  While interested individuals are required to register online the show has also made it possible for interested participants to register with the assistance of specially trained personnel.
On Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of July, they will hold special activations at the Ikeja City Mall, Lagos. This will afford interested members of the public the opportunity of physically registering for The Ultimate Search 11; thereby bringing them an inch closer to winning the ultimate prize of N10 million and a brand new SUV.
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Coup scare as Airforce men take over Lagos Airport

It is sad that the military still do as they like in this country especially intimidating civilians. Yet threats like Boko Haram are ignored. People at the Muritala Airport in Lagos were taken by surprise when they were made to relive the days of military coups in the country. 
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Friday, 18 July 2014

I did not believe in my music – Burna Boy

Burna Boy, real name Damini Ogulu, hails from Mbiama in Ahoda West Local Government Area in Rivers State. When he hit the Nigerian music scene with his first two single, he captivated everyone with his unique blend of Nigerian hip hop, reggae and Highlife. Though the three genre and worlds apart, Burna is able to pull it off, and win millions of fans in the process. He is soon flushed with fame and fortune. In this chat with Senior Correspondent, Hazeez Balogun, he talks about his life and music.
You were nominated at the concluded MTV awards, that was your first international nomination, how did you feel being recognised on such level.
Funny enough I was on the toilet seat when I heard it. I was doing my thing on the toilet when I heard my name being mentioned on the television. I came as a surprise to me at the time, but I was thankful that I was nominated, even if I did not win, I was recognised and that is all that matters.
Your L.I.F.E album was the freshest music in a long while. When every artiste is singing almost the same tune, you came out with something new. Did you ever think your style will be accepted?
To be sincere, I never believed that the album would have been a big success like it is today. When I got convinced was on the first day it was released it sold 50,000 copies, and that was when I started believing in the album, and also believing that Nigerians were ready for my kind of music. Before then, I was sceptical about the whole thing.
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Finally!!! Ibinabo confirms marriage tales

It all sounded like a terrible rumour during the week, when the ex beauty queen and the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN) Ibinabo Fiberesima was said to be engaged and will soon be married. A picture even surfaces of her sporting an engagement ring which is covered fully in diamond.
Box Office reached the fair complexioned actor expecting her to dispel the tales as mere rumours. Instead, she confirms that she is idead hooked to be married. Ibinabo Fibersima says she is excited walking down the aisle at 43. And like every bride-to-be, Ibinabo is quite ecstatic and feel blessed with her man’s proposal.
“It’s my first wedding ooo. We are soul mates and I am totally convinced that he’s the one,” Ibinabo blushed as she confirmed the reports of her engagement. In the exclusive chat, Ibinabo further said, “God has answered my prayers again, I’m blessed, that is all I can say. I can’t reveal the identity but yes, he’s my University days love. We would be tying the knot in Portharcourt, Nigeria.

Royal Fathers Welcome Ultimate search

As entries for the 2014 edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) themed ‘The Mission’ pour in on the online registration portal, the traditional rulers in Aguleri Kingdoms in Anambra State, the host community for the 11th edition of the Ultimate Search have welcomed the gesture extended to their community and equally pledged their unalloyed support.
The Royal Fathers expressed their joy and support for the Show to be hosted on their soil, during courtesy visits to their Palaces by the GUS Team to officially inform them of the choice of Aguleri as the host community for the GUS this year.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Air Peace clears air on ownership

It is absolutely insulting of the person of our respected Barr. Allen Onyema and, outrightly sad and disheartening to those who know him very well for any sane person to insinuate or allege that he is a front for anybody in whatever guise. We cannot forget, in a hurry, Allen’s disobedience of a presidential order because he never wanted to enrich himself unjustly. I shall address this in this write-up later.
Allen is a success story and a role model for all in this country. His success is a testimony to the power of integrity in all human endeavour for he is an epitome of integrity.
ALLEN ONYEMA WRITES NAIJAHOTTESTGIST I OWNS AIR PEACE 100%!Since he delved into the turbulent business of aviation through his floating of Air Peace Airlines, a business he created to give jobs to the teeming unemployed citizens of our country, so many stories have trailed this enviable vision of his. The allegations range From the ordinary through the bizarre and to the absurd! Who is really afraid of this Airline?
His humility is immense and this, more than anything else, is a major contributory factor to the unfounded allegations that he is fronting for anyone using Air Peace. His adversaries could not imagine that a man is very solid yet not loud. But those who know Allen would testify that he had, since 1992, been very successful in business, real estate and law practice.
By 1995 when some of his detractors were still unsure of their future, Allen had already owned vast estates in Lagos and other cities in the country! This was before he veered into the business of Nonviolence Conflict Management with which he contributed majorly to the peace we have today in the Niger Delta.
At first, it was said that the Airline was owned by the First Lady, Her Excellency, Dame Patience Jonathan with Allen as a front. Along the line, the former Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah’s name came up. The rumour was everywhere while Allen has never met, in his life, both women. Timi Alaibe was also named as the owner of Air Peace. Now, it is Kingsley Kuku, with the writers stating that “we can now tell you authoritatively that the Airline is owned by Kuku and not Patience Jonathan”! The last May not have been heard, more names are expected.
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Friday, 11 July 2014

Exclussive pix!!! Nadia Buari gives Jim Iyke lap dance

nadia buari and jim iyke
For staying by her side, Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari spoiled her loverboy, Jim Iyke with an erotic dance. While putting out her movie Diary of Imogen Brown across 3 cities in one weekend, the Nollywood bad boy was all supportive and everywhere with Nadia Buari and to reward his faithfulness and support, the actress rewarded her fiance with a lap dance in a night club.
The event, which was filmed by the iFactory crew for Jim’s reality TV show, Jim Iyke Unscripted, is said to be one of the high points of the premieres of the Diary of Imogen Brown.

Why Fred Ade Williams had to die - Africa Magic boss reveals

If like me you were shocked that the key actor in Tinsel Fred Ade Williams died in the soap opera, there is now an explanation for his death. To get answers on why Victor Olaotan, the man who have played Fred Ade Williams for over 4 years had to leave the show, I had to go to the head honcho. I was with the head of Africa Magic, Wangi, Mba-Uzoukwu. I could not help but ask her the big question, why did Fred die? she gave this reason, 

"People come and go in dramas. If he did not die, some people will also complain. He is human, he had faced many health conditions and he kept surviving it. This time he was shot, if he survived a gunshot as well, people will start asking if he is superman or Die hard. The feedback we got after he died was so much but it was good for us to get such feedbacks." 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I won’t trade intelligence for ignorance, Ibinabo replies Ibu

During the week, Comic actor John Okafor popularly known as Mr Ibu has asked AGN president Ibinabo Fiberisima to drop her ambition of running for a second term. According to him, about 90% of the association members do not want her as their leader, with many court cases being instituted against her. He says she is still adamant to rule because she is gaining something. His statement continues to get responses from the industry.
"Going for a second term is making the anger in people expand. It is better for her not to come again. She should leave the office and allow another person to try. No progress at all. I am not part of it. As I speak with you, Ibinabo has about two to three court cases. We are tired, we want another person. We should try a new person, let's see what he or she would do. About 90% of the people she is ruling say no, but she insisted. Why? Because she is gaining something," Ibu said in an interview.
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Monday, 7 July 2014

Pilot clears air on Rukky Sanda affair

After a picture of the two holding hands at an event went public, there have been talks that Rukky Sanda and IRS pilot, Jamil Abubakar are in a serious relationship. Other pictures of the two have continued to surface online. It was almost sounding like another case of an actress snatching another woman’s man since Abubakar already has a partner. But the pilot has responded to the whole insinuations, he cleared the air with a release saying that he is jut friends with Rukky.
“I am not dating Rukky Sanda. Rukky is my friend, she is like a sister to me. She is an amazing lady and I’ve come to respect her a lot,”  said Abubakar, who is also the son to the Inspector General of Police.

He said further, “The truth is that she has her own date and not me, we just happen to be close. Sometimes, we attend functions and go to eateries together. I guess some overzealous bloggers and media practitioners are just trying to blow things out of proportion, they should learn to get facts before publishing. If one is having an affair, it shouldn’t be something to hide if it’s true. Rukky has the same perception about our friendship as I do. The thought of this rumour actually cracks me up,” Jamil said.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Unbelievable, actress Uche Ogbodo walks out of relationship heavily pregnant (in infidelity mess)

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has walked out of her engagement to Ato Ubby barely 10 months after the lovebirds got engaged traditionally. This could have not come as a surprise since many of such break up happens in the movie industry. The surprising aspect is that the actress is heavily pregnant while she was breaking up with her fiancé.
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MTN to launch Music App

Africa's most valuable brand and leading ICT Company, MTN Nigeria is
set to redefine and revolutionize the entertainment industry in
Nigeria with the launch of its Music+ App. An unconfirmed source says
the company has perfected plans for the launch expected to hold in
July. It is rumored to be the biggest thing that would happen in the
music industry in Nigeria this year as they intend to pull out all the
stops on this one.
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Is Omoni Oboli and Don Jazzy dating?

What does actress Omoni Oboli and Don Jazzy have in common? You might ask. Well, that is the million Dollar question. The entertainers were spotted together at the Don Jazzy owned studio in Lekki, Lagos few days back and the two have been sharing the pictures of each other together on their social network handles.
As you might know, Omoni Oboli is married with kids, so it will be unfair to deduce that there is a love game going on. Omoni Oboli also does not do music or sing in any form, so that also removes the possibility that she is recording a song in Don Jazzy’s studio.
The two have refused to answer questions posed to them on their recent closeness. But a source gave a respond that is plausible. It is gathered that Omoni is working on her own production and Don Jazzy will be featuring in the movie. The producer will also be supplying the sound track to the movie. This explanation is yet to be confirmed by both parties but time will tell what the two are cooking up.

Baby found inside unborn baby

A pregnant woman in Portland, Oregon, United States of America was hospitalized with extreme stomach pains, and doctors were extremely shocked at what they discovered.
Mary Lambert, who is eight months pregnant, went to Silverstein Memorial Hospital in Portland when she thought she might be going into labour.
Doctors examined her, and initially could not figure out what was causing Lambert’s pain.
After an ultrasound to check on her baby, they were taken aback to find that her unborn daughter was also pregnant.
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