Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Mansard to actress rescue

Lekki Wives star, Kiki Omeili has lauded Mansard Insurance over the company’s swift response to her experience with burglars that burgled her car and went away with her car’s brainbox few days back.
The Married But Living Single and Footprints actress tweeted her experience in the hands of the burglar as well as the swift response of her insurance company, Mansard.
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I’m really impressed with Mansard Insurance. I received my claims within three working days. They really are as good as they say they are. Kudos,” she began.
‘I went to see a friend and parked my car outside which was not unusual. When I returned later, I noticed that my trunk was partly opened which was not the way I left it. Dazed, I went into the car and discovered that it had been ransacked and my glove compartment cleaned out. That was when I realised that the brainbox of my car had been removed.
The incident happened on a Thursday and before the end of that day, the company sent me the claims form. I filled everything and the following Monday, I got the Discharge Voucher which I filled and sent back to them. On Tuesday, I got an alert from my bank that payment to fix my car had been made by Mansard. I was pleasantly shocked and surprised. For me, that was really commendable,’ she narrated.
And when queried by one of her followers for her public endorsement on the Insurance company, she had this to say, ‘I don’t have to be paid to commend good service my esteemed colleague, (because) good service is so difficult to come by these days.’

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