Saturday, 18 October 2014

How Linda Ikeji lied on gov Amaechi

When the issue of Linda ikeji and her consistent plagiarism led to the block of her blog, I decided not to comment in any way. In fact I was supporting her as a fellow blogger even when I was not in support of her act. This is despite the fact that some of my hardwork end up on her blog.
I had always known that she is not qualified to write news and actually knows nothing about news gathering or writing nor is she trained to do so. But blogging is not journalism but merely someone's personal views on subjects. It is part of a growing pop culture that sees social media: blogs,Facebook and Twitter as synonymous with real news. This sadly is a wrong notion.
Whatever Linda Ikeji and other bloggers including myself publish are just our views and should not be regarded as hard facts.
But I believe bloggers especially those with large followership owe it to their readers to publish facts. Many these days mask fiction as fact just to attract readership.

I was sad on Friday when a friend pointed to me an article on Linda's blog .

She categorically stated that governor Amaechi of Rivers state insulted Nollywood actors whom he himself invited to porthacourt for the Best of Nollywood awards.
I was at that event and nothing of such happened. The governor was talking about the sad sate of the country saying many of Nigerians including movie actors are doing what they do out of necessity. He even sited himself as an example.

Linda was not at the event so I'm surprised how she knows about what happened at the event more than those at the event. She must 'as  always' got her information from another blog and had done no other research or questioning to get hard fact. She just went ahead to publish a statement taken out of context.

Linda should by now have learnt her lessons. And put more effort in into what she puts on her blog. Many of her unsuspecting readers by now will believe that the governor actually insulted his guests.

I would like to see action taken on this latest goof of hers.

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