Saturday, 15 November 2014

Why I left inspiration - Gloria Maduka

Gloria Maduka moves to bigger things

If you are a regular listener to On-Air personality and singer-songwriter Gloria Maduka, you may have noticed that she no longer fills her spot as On-Air Personality at the station. There have been talks about some bad blood between her and the station which led to her leaving the station; but as it seems, the multi-talented American-raised star has only moved on to bigger things. She claims there is no such thing as bad blood between her and Inspiration FM. She explains, "I will always be thankful to Inspiration FM for giving me a platform to showcase my talents. I worked really hard when I was with them and added as much value to the station as was possible within my capacity. It was a great training ground for me as they strive for excellent presentations." 

As we speak, she has moved on to the Cool family where she will be handling various programmes on almost all their platforms. She is already being featured on Morning Crossfire on 99.3 Nigeria Info between 5 and 10 am. She is also a co-anchor on The Blog and The Night Show on StarTimes Channel 196 from 3-4 pm and 9-10 pm respectively. She will also be featured on other programmes. She explains, "There are some other things in the pipelines, but I am not a fan of revealing anything until I am 100% certain. I appreciate my new environment tremendously. I had an encounter with Amin Moussali, my Managing Director, long before I got hired at Inspiration FM. So I was offered the job even before going to Inspiration FM. I was also once offered the position of Lead Presenter at another fairly new TV station but at the time, I did not want to abruptly leave Inspiration FM because I was fairly new. I know this sounds naive, but I can be that loyal; so I missed the opportunity. I remembered being really sad, but I knew God may have had other plans for me. I then got to a point where I was yearning for more. I am never comfortable with complacency and stagnation, so I began to feel burned out and was losing motivation. I was humbled by the applause from my bosses at Inspiration FM and from the listeners, but I knew I was ready to grow and explore more depth. I made sure I did my best until the very last day, however, because I believe you must always do your best wherever you find yourself even if you are no longer content."

Of her reason for leaving so abruptly, she adds, “I want to apologise to my listeners for not informing them before leaving Inspiration FM. I had asked for the chance to do so, but the chance never came. My resignation was quite sudden and it all happened so quickly. The last day I walked out of Inspiration FM was the same day I was already shooting promos for my TV shows at Cool TV. There is a lot expected from me here. It is safe to say I am now working and I love that. Growth comes from dedication and diligence.” 

When asked about her relationship with Inspiration FM, she said that there is no bad blood between her and the station. “They took me in when I got back from the US and I am sure I have represented them well. This move is for my (fans) because it affords me a wider platform to reach more people. I am still in touch with several people at Inspiration FM and I wish them the best.”

Prior to her exit, Gloria was nominated at the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards in two categories: Sexiest On-Air Personality and Outstanding Radio Program Presenter. She thanks God and her listeners for the nominations.

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