Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Ironic: Stella Damasus says can’t tolerate a cheating man.

On Wednesday, actress Stella Damasus was on i2radio in Atlanta, USA where the actress said she will not accept her man to cheat on her. “If a man cheats once and you catch him, your reaction to his cheating would determine what happens the next time. If I have tried everything and he continues, then I’m sorry, I wouldn’t stay there. I would never be the one to put condoms in his suitcase. 

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I’m sorry darling, you putting a condom in a suitcase will not change him. Instead of putting condoms, write a note telling him how much you love him and ask him to protect you and your home,” she said on the programme.

This however comes as a surprise and shock to those who know her well. She seem to know how to give the advise but use the advise herself. The man Stella is with today, Daniel Ademinokan was once married to another actress, Doris Simeon. Daniel had left his wife with children and eloped with Stella, and Doris revealed that she got to know that her man has left her from the pages of the newspaper. This means that Daniel had been cheating on Doris before the eventually broke up. If Stella could be with a man who cheated on his wife, it is surprising that she could be making statements on men who cheat on their women. 

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