Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Femi Branch goes deeper into debt. How he scammed Abuja business women

Movie stars are known to be ladies men and same goes for the tall, dark and handsome actor, Femi branch. However, there are some ladies not happy with the actor at the moment. Some ladies in Abuja are calling the actor a fraudster. Branch was said to have employed the services of these ladies in various capacities without paying for their services. He also bought some clothing products from some of them without paying for it.
The actor himself however did not dispute these claims. When reached, Femi Branch confirmed that he actually employed the services of a lady called Deola who had helped him with publicity and organisation of his event which held in Abuja in August.  He says the event did not go as planned and he lost a lot of money in the process. This is why he was not able to pay the people he owed.
The people he owes include the eventmanager, ushers, ticket sellers, hostesses, drivers and caterers. While speaking with him on phone, Branch said he tried to control the situation and paid up after the event, but the event did not make the kind of money he had expected. “I have hosted the same event in other locations and the event went very well, so I expected the same thing to happen in Abuja. The agency I trusted to organise the event did not do a good job of it so I lost a lot of money. In the process, I ended up owing a lot of people who helped out at the event,” Branch said.
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Deola, the lady who organised the event for Femi Branch disagrees with him. When reached, Deola she said that the event did not flop because of poor organisation but for the lackadaisical attitude of Branch to his own event. Deola said that she had gone to great lengths to make sure that the event was a success. She got Branch almost everything the event needed including publicity on all radio stations in Abuja. “It was Branch himself that made the event flop. He did not spend a Kobo on publicity. How can you hold an event without publicising it? I had to book interviews for him on all radio stations in Abuja, Branch on his part was late for all the interviews. I booked appearances for him at night clubs, he did not appear at any of them. So how did he expect people to know about the event,” said Deola.
Deola also said that she had got herself in police trouble on the issue. “I was the one who got all the ushers, drivers, hostesses and all other people who serviced the event for him. She when he left without paying a Kobo, I was the one they came to meet. Many of them still come to my house to ask for their money. Many times they will come with police, I will have to beg my way out. I cannot go out to events because I meet many of these people and they will start demanding for their money. I find it hard to get jobs these days because many people have heard what has happened,” she said.
The total amount owed by Femi Branch is over half a million. He owes Deola N60,000 for her services and another N300,000 in profit percentage. He also owes ushers, hostesses, ticket sellers book sellers, and drivers N445,000. There is also another lady claiming that Femi bought clothing from her including a very expensive shoe.
Branch also acknowledged this claims saying that it is part of the debt he has promised to repay. According to him, he has his integrity on the line and he has promised that he will pay everybody he owes. On the other hand, Deola said that since August 18th when he promised to pay back, she is yet to receive a Kobo from him. In fact he had refused to pick her calls since then.

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