Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Davido in first movie appearance

“Davido is delighted over his Nollywood debut and he can’t wait for the project to kick off,” Nollywood actor, Ikechukwu Francis Ojeogwu recently disclosed. Speaking to Box Office, Ikechukwu, who doubles as the lead actor and producer of the flick entitled ‘John Zerebe’ said the music act has lot of things at stake in the movie.
“This is Davido’s first movie appearance, I, as the producer, have been able to work out things in such a manner that it would be beneficial to us all. I’ve crafted out a role that I know would put him in a comfortable position and won’t make him either excessive or otherwise,” Ike began.

Speaking further, Ike said “Davido is quite delighted and very supportive on this project like he has always been and he’s so big that if he puts his hand in anything that doesn’t worth it, it would tarnish his image and what he has built for himself. He has a lot at stake, aside from the financial stake, his image is also at stake and he’s taking this as serious as any other business. I know how big Davido is and I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on him because of his busy schedule and it is his first appearance furthermore, the script is in such a way that he doesn’t over shadow the beauty of the script but however, adds his weight to the success of project.”

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