Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Regina Askia sneaks in and out

Last week, former soap opera queen, Regina Askia was in the country, but only very few people were aware of her presence. Regina who has been based in the United States for over 15 years now was invited by the governor of Akwa-Ibom State, Godswill Akpabio to attend a memorial service. The actress who is obviously excited about her visit went to her online profiles to post experience of her Nigeria visit.
One of her profiles read, “I am back in the USA. I was invited by the Governor’s office in Akwa Ibom State to be a part of the ‘Diaspora Unity team 2014’ and to attend a memorial service in honour of the innocents accused as saboteurs by their kinsmen tortured and slain in the civil war aftermath as well as tour and make a critical appraisal of the "uncommon transformation projects" in the State.”
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Regina though has been absent from Nigeria for a long time, has a large following online. She recounts her Nigeria visit. “First port of call was my family home with mom and chief and elders of the clan. I have been recognized as a famous Akwa Ibom daughter who has brought recognition and pride to the state, I have also been recognized for my work with Africanviews.com with a radio program on community health services, I have also been recognized as a pioneer and erstwhile major player in Nollywood and of course as former most beautiful girl in Nigeria who has in represented Nigeria and the state well.
“Through all the touring, lectures and interviews we had only a hurried moment at an after event dinner at the state house to speak with the Governor and we were somewhat sad about that. The Governor was always too busy. Suddenly directive came that we had an opportunity to meet with him at the Governors lodge in Abuja and so we were whisked from Uyo to Abuja on Arik air.

“At dinner, the Governor was laughing when he said "Regina, this soup is called Atama, I bet you don't have it in New York. "No we don't Sir and I intend to do due justice to this one. The Governor talks about patriotism, and how Akwa Ibomites in diaspora have a penchant for swallowing ignorant falsehood and spreading it with no sense of nationalism nor patriotism. It was a great time I had. Now I’m back to my kids, and my PC. Yes I did get a neat little envelop and the content? The need to know does not arise,” she posted. 

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