Monday, 9 June 2014

How I escaped out of Kano - Amaechi (His detailed experience)

The gov of Rivers, Rotimi Amaechi in this release by his aide described how he escaped from the hands of state security.
"After visiting Governor Kwankwaso, myself and other dignitaries, made for the Aminu Kano Airport where our chartered aircraft was parked. Immediately we entered the airport buildings preparatory to boarding the plane back to Abuja, authorities locked all the doors to the complex, holding me and my colleagues hostage. The Kano governor called the airport commandant that we should at least be allowed to leave the building but the commandant refused saying he had an order from above not to let us out. We had to force one of the doors open to get away. After we escaped from the airport, we devised a means of hurrying out of Kano for fear that we might be attacked by thugs sponsored by the federal government. So we quickly got a car, bought fuel and started driving towards Abuja.

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 We sold a dummy to the airport people and a few others that we were returning to the Kano Government House. The governor was also expecting us. But we were far gone. I personally drove the car and all of us had to switch off our phones so no one would know our whereabouts. I drove for five hours and we arrived Abuja at 2 a.m. We were not afraid of armed robbers or anyone attacking us on the road. We were only afraid that the authorities could plant people on the road to waylay and attack us. But thank God we arrived safe. I have been shouting that we are in a dictatorship, people thought I’m joking or exaggerating. At least we can all see what is playing out.”- Gov. Rotimi Amaechi. FINAL UPDATE FROM KANO GOVERNMENT HOUSE: Ceremony over with closing prayers. Have paid homage to the new Emir and on my way back home. The Emir's Palace is still completely surrounded by the Police that are refusing all entrance or exit. It appears that Federal coercive power is being deployed to interfere with a 200 year tradition....sad..... Kano has a new Emir. End of story. God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. - Nasir El-Rufai. Doe I promised not to bc .But ...if this is true. Help us God!

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