Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Omoni Oboli hacked, advises fans

So? you might asked, she woun't be the first celebrity to be cloned online. Almost every celebrity has has two or more fake social media accounts. 
The 'Nollywood' actress reveals that some people are using her “hard-earned name” to dupe some of her unsuspecting fans on Facebook, and other social media platforms.
The former Saturday Independent columnist warned her teaming fans to be weary of some people demanding money from them in various forms, stating that she will never ask them for such. She noted that the user of her parody account on Facebook even sent a message to her production coordinator, who ‘liked’ the fake page.
“People be wise,” she said. “This was just sent to my production coordinator who liked the page. I cringe to think of the people who don't have my personal number hence, can't call me to verify. I will never do this. If I do giveaways, I will pay the courier fees”
She also posted this on her official page, “Hey sweethearts, I have never done this before. Frankly, I just couldn't be bothered but this is getting out of hand. I have heard these scam artists have been using my name to do all sorts. From a school in badagry to all sorts of giveaways. This is not me. I have two FB accounts under Omoni Oboli. Please don't be a victim, I love you all. Be wise,” the actress warns.

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