Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Too late for a Coca Cola world Cup song

I bet you agree with me that it is too late for Coca Cola to be   a world cup song. I mean the world cup is almost halfway through and what is on the viewer’s mind right now is who is
going to win the cup. I was surprised when got a press release from the beverage maker this week.
The content reads,
(more after the cut)

 “Coca-Cola’s commitment to
ensure that Nigerians enjoy a personal experience of the 2014 FIFA World Cup
has gone a step further with the company offering download of the Nigerian
remix of its globally acclaimed  2014
FIFA World Cup anthem, ‘The World Is
as ringtones.  The Nigeria
remix of the theme song, was originally produced for Coca-Cola by David Correy,
features two Nigerian music superstars – celebrity rapper, M.I. and soul
singer, Waje.
“Coca-Cola is using this offer to
connect Nigerians to two of their greatest passion points – football and music
– and to unite all Nigerians in one singular tune as we affirm our national
resolve to bring home the FIFA World Cup from Brazil”, said  Olufemi Ashipa, Brand Manager, Colas. “As a
FIFA Partner with unmatched reach in every nook and cranny of this great
country, no other brand is better placed than Coca-Cola to rally Nigerians to
this cause”, he added.”

Good gesture though, but I think it is a little too

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