Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Portia's TV Soap Opera

Nollywood actress, who kicked off her career by winning The Next Movie Star, Portia Yamahan, says she is ready to air her new TV soap. This is culled from her Facebook status
"Hey guys this is my lastest work.... My first sitcom Titled(You and I) we have been on set for over 27days already... Its a sitcom centered around everyday people, some of who are our neighbors their characters, lifestyle etc its a Sitcom that is entertaining and educating... Believe me when I say I have the best Cast and Crew put together.. Its from the stables of DIM(Digital Interactive Media) producers of 'The Next Movie Star, SuperMom, D8, Excite on TV, and Groove on TV... Sola Fajobi(Executive producer) Adeola Osunkojo(Director)"
 Some of the Cast
 Kingsley Ogboso- As Olisa
 Daniel Christopher aka Showman- As Vande
 Tamara Eteimo- As Laura
 Wisdom Macaulay- As Segun
 Porttia Yamahan- As Dora and (Producer)
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