Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Chika Ike fires back at critics

Chika Ike wants you to know she worked hard for her money, so she has every right to spend it the way she likes. The Nollywood actress is hitting back at critics, who went in on her for posting photos from her trip to Dubai on Instagram.
Chika rang in the new year by taking a trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a short vacation. She shared photos of her and her publicist Serah Donald splurging at designer stores including Michael Kors, Fendi and Chanel. This has led to a lot of bad comments online. She has been called many names for the way she has been spending money.
Replying to questions sent to her email, Chika seem indifferent to all the name callings. “Usually, every year, I take a vacation, because I feel haven worked so hard all through , I deserve a break. As they say, all work and no play makes “Chika a dull girl. I just had to take a time out and whenever I do, I make sure I rest very well. I don’t know why it has been all over the whole nation, but I had fun. It is my money and deserve to spent it,” she said

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