Thursday, 6 February 2014

SSS releases Paparazzi publishers

I reported yesterday that the publishers of Paparazzi magazine were being detained and questioned by the SSS. This morning I can confirm that the two of them have been released. This is a message sent by one of the publishers, Olawale Dawodu.

"We, Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu and Moji Danisa, of Paparazzi Magazine would like to thank all of you for the massive support we got from you while we were being grilled by the SSS yesterday. We were amazed and touched by the outpouring of love and the pressure put on the security agency to release us. As you all guessed, our invitation and subsequent 10hr session with the SSS, was because of a story published by Paparazzi magazine, titled: Gulak the garrulous. Needless to say, we were accused of 'alleged false publication'...whatever that means. We shall issue a statement soon. Once again we say a big thank you to our friends, fellow pen-pushers, Festus Keyamu, and the multitude who showed so much love and concern to our plight yesterday. God bless you all"

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