Friday, 20 April 2012

American rapers feature on Dagrin's song

 On Sunday(22nd April) it will be two years since the rap phenomenon died in a car crash. Almost everything has been done about Dagrin since then; A movie, a documentry, and numerous tribute songs.
This time American rappers have decided to immortalise the rapper as well. On Sunday, Spinet, a music distribution and marketing company will release the 'If I die' remix. If i die was the last song done by Dagrin before he died.
On the remix American rappers, Styles P of The-Lox, and hip hop veteran Nasty J (I know these guys, you can google them if you dont). Nigerian rap duo, The Showdem camp are also on these remix.
A video for the song will also follow soon. At a press conference today, which Dagrin's father also attended (i will post the interview with him soon), the marketers of the song described the move to get international artistes on a Dagrin's song as a move to further immortalise the name, even on an international level
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