Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Popular blogger escapes death while blanked out

Samod is a good friend, when i heard he was not feeling fine at the moment, i did not know it was this serious. In a thank you message, he speaks of his ordeal.

Dear friends, fans and business partners,

I just survived one of the most harrowing, mentally disturbing and life- threatening moments of my life.
Shortly before midnight on April 23, 2012, I found myself on the streets; after trekking mindlessly for hours.
I spent the night awake @ the Lagos-Abeokuta toll gate; right in the middle of the road.
Till this moment, I still do not know how I survived the bullets of an uneasy gun-wielding and confrontational policeman, the dark antics of miscreants and the sharp machete of a vigilante group; all in a single night of madness.
I'm gradually coming around and I want to say a big "thank you" to everyone - To those whose words and comments drove me to the edge of insanity, I say "thank you" - To those whose words nearly ended my life, I say "thank you" - To those who frustrated me into doing the unthinkable, I say "thank you" - To those who were worried when I went missing, I say "thank you" - To those who sent out the 'Missing Person' notice, broadcasts and phone calls, I say "thank you" - To those who almost lost their lives in the process of looking for me, I say "thank you" - To those who travelled to Lagos fearing the worse, I say "thank you" -

 To those who have called without being able to reach me, I say "thank you" - To those who did not rest until they received reports that I had been found, I say "thank you" - To those who are not even aware that anything happened, I say "thank you" - To those who ran helter skelter until they either saw me in person or heard my voice, I say "thank you" - To members of my family, friends, colleagues and all who are still worried, I say "thank you" - To those who were aware yet remained unconcerned, I say "thank you" - Thank you all. May you all reap as you have sown.
I am not in a frame of mind to answer too many questions but this message is essentially to let all know that I am gradually coming around and that I am safe.

Samod Biobaku/Simply Samad.

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