Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Robbers shoot Howie T. Escapes unhurt. see pix of car

The CEO of KISS Music and everything KISS, Howie T has every cause to thank the lord as he yesterday escaped death from the hands of armed robbers. he was driving in his latest Land cruiser Jeep along Ojodu area yesterday when he was accosted by men with guns, quickly sensing they were robbers, he sped past them. the thieves immediately rained bullets on his car. 

Some hit the car others missed completely, but Howie lives to tell the story. He was able to drive home unhurt. He is still recovering from the shock and is yet to make an official statement.
Bullet holes on Howie's car


  1. whaaaaaaaa????? is he ok?

  2. azeez is this true? i have been trying his number, hes not picking