Monday, 30 April 2012

Serial female rapist caught at last

A German woman holding men hostage for extended sex sessions left her latest victim crying on a Munich street after the attack.

 Police discovered the 31-year-old man after being forced to have sex for over 36 hours.

When officers found him, he told them: “I met her on a bus. She invited me back here. It was hell. I can’t walk. Please help me” the Daily Mail reported.

The woman had been on her way back from a sex addiction clinic when she met the victim, whom she invited back to her house.

However after a day and a half of forced intercourse, he had only managed to escape her by breaking down the door of the apartment after she had fallen asleep.

The woman met her first victim in a bar, 43-year-old Dieter Schulz, who after initially going back to her house for sex discovered he was locked in.

Fleeing to the balcony, he managed to phone Munich police saying "She is trying to kill me with sex. I cannot go out, and I cannot go on."

He has said he would press charges of sexual coercion and deprivation of freedom.

Following the second attack by the woman, believed to be 47, she has now been taken into psychiatric care.


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