Sunday, 19 January 2014

AY replies Jim Iyke, "i am not classless"

Comedian Ayo ‘AY’ Makun has responded to Jim Iyke’s Twitter comment, where the actor described him as ‘classless’ following a comedy skit which mirrors Iyke’s ‘deliverance’ at TB Joshua’s church. AY said the skit was designed to be a joke, noting that there would not be an entertainment industry if everybody starts reacting to jokes or how actors portray characters in movies – like Pastors, Doctors or lawyers.
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“It was designed to be a joke, it’s still a joke”, Makun said. “I’m a standup comedian and we make people laugh for a living and comedians are social commentators”.
AY also apologized to Jim Iyke for the skit, but didn’t fail to affirm that he’s NOT ‘classless’.
“I’m sorry about it, it wasn’t designed to be detrimental in any way but if you see it that way, bro., I got nothing but love for you…I’m not classless and I know you know that”, he said.
The skit also features Jara presenter Helen Paul, better known as Tatafo.
See Jim Iyke’s tweet below and watch AY’s skit.

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