Monday, 20 January 2014

Colleagues shun thieving actress

The Odunfa Caucus which actress Yetunde Akilapa belonged to have disowned her and also banned her for acting in any movie ever again. This is her punishment for disgracing the profession they say. This proclamation came after the actress was granted bail last week for breaking into someone else’s house with the intent to burgle.
According to eye witnesses, on Sunday Morning of January 12, 2014, in Magodo phase 2, Lagos, she was chased from No 15 Ibitayo street, after running for a while she was caught. She was putting on a black dress without any shoes. She was instantly beaten up and pictures of her was taken and spread all over the internet. Nothing was found on her except the keys to the house she was found in.
The occupants of the flat had gone to church but the sister to the head of the family arrived home a little early to find Yetunde who was startled and started stammering inside the house. Yetunde was said to have proceeded to take to her heels when she saw the opportunity to run. According to the report, Yetunde after been caught insisted she has gone to wait for a friend inside the flat. She however could not answer how she got inside the house. 
The Odunfa Caucus that laid the ban on Yetunde is headed by the likes of Yinka Quadri, Taiwo Hassan, Abbey Lanre, Rilwan Onilegbale and Sunny Ali.

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