Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lancelot Imasuen denies buying car, warns Linda Ikeji

Some minutes ago, movie producer, Lancelot Imasuen denied the story going around that he just acquired a brand new car. From his response, it is not just the story that he bought a car that he is mad at, but the story makes him look like someone who flaunts his wealth. He also gave Linda Ikeji, the originator of the story a stern warning. 
His response:
"For the record! Sincerely I disassociate myself from d story presently trending about buying a camry car,,,for d record my mates that have put lesser years and effort in other fortunate country has private jet to show for their effect! Why on earth should I now at my age and stage be asking anybody to showcase a faith forbids it and I beg Linda ikeji to retract dat story!!!Lancelot oduwa Imasuen..producer/director INVASION 1897"

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