Monday, 2 September 2013

Good boys and girls of Nollywood

To get a good story on actors these days is rare. Week after week, we continue to break and report stories on Nollywood actors in compromising positions. Sex scandal, broken marriages, fights, infidelity, drunkenness, disturbing public peace, embezzlement, and all manners of vices are associated with many of our actors. It is a global phenomenon to the practitioners of the theatrical arts.
Despite all these, there are still a few actors out  there who have continued to stay unblemished by the media. It is either they are very good in hiding their vices or, they are indeed clean as a whistle.  This is a list of actors with little or no scandal attached to their name
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Desmond Elliot
Actor turned director, Desmond is an epitome of morals, at least that is what we can observer from him. His decision to marry early in life, must have helped him stay away from sin. He married while he was still a up and coming actor.
Born to a Yoruba Father and an Igbo mother, Desmond studied economics in school. His looks and good diction scaled him through auditions and he got his big break with the television series, ‘Everyday people’. He has since made a name for himself as an actor and a director.
Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme
Since this two hit the movie scene in the blockbuster, ‘Aki na Ukwa’, where they acted as Aki and Pawpaw, it has been an upward spiral for their career. Same can be said for their character in real life. Those who know them personally talks about their
Also, neither of them has been mentioned in a scandal. It’s only good news that has been coming from their side. Chinedu Ikedieze got married in 2011, the two have been given national honours and they both travel with the president intermittently. They have been good ambassadors to the country.
Ngozi Nwosu
When you say the word ‘veteran’ in Nollywood, Ngozi Nwosu will be one of the few to qualify as one. for over 30 years, she had taken part in hundreds of movies and television dramas. She first got a taste of fame when she took part in the TV drama ‘Ripples’ where she played the popular character of Madam V-Boot.
Despite her longevity in the industry, she has remained blemish free. No broken relationships, or failed marriage. The only time she became huge in the press was when she was diagnosed with a heart disease. She had since received help and is recuperating. She clocked 50 recently
Omoni oboli
Her first major role was in Kunle Afolayan’s Figurine. Since then, she had been receiving accolades and getting numerous roles. She also endorsed a beauty product last year, in a deal that is said to worth a lot of millions.
Unlike many of her colleagues whom more fame means more scandal, Omoni has remained under the radar when it comes to scandals. She might not be clean, but she sure knows how to stay away from the press. Also, It is possible that her husband’s ever close presence has kept temptation away. Omoni has never been seen at any event without her husband lurking around somewhere, even on set.
Nse Ikpe Etim
Despite her popularity and the large number of films she has taken part in, it is surprising that she is hardly spoken about both positively or negatively. She seems to be underrated, and her tiny frame makes her seem harmless and defenceless.
To also get her far from scandal, she recently got married to her sweetheart, Clifford Suleman. Nse is well respected for her craft and has received numerous awards and nominations.
 Francis Duru
Francis Duru is one of the most talented actors in Nollywood. He was one of those who made the home movie popular. He became popular for his roles as a helpless young man struggling in life. He is also known for his tears in movies.
He hardly features in movies these days and he has moved to Abuja where he is more into business than acting. Throughout his career, there is hardly any negative story in the news about him.
Uche Iwuji
Pretty, smart and talented, Uche is one of Nollywood finest actresses. Acting in over 50 movies, Uche can play diverse characters and this makes a favourite of directors. Some weeks ago, she gave birth to a baby boy. This is barely months after she went down the isle with lover Juwon Lawal. Uche seem to be very careful with her private life. She hardly grants interviews and barely attends events. If you see Uche, It is hardly on set or you are in her house.
Funmi Holder
Most of those on these list are well known for acting movies, Funmi Holder, is more into television drama than movies. She currently acts as ‘Amaka’ in ‘Tinsel’. She started her career in the popular movie ‘Violated’.  Pretty, Funmi has since grown into one of the most sorted in the industry. So why have we not read about a scandal concerning her.

In an interview she granted on Tv recently, she said this about herself, “I’m in Nollywood for the love of acting. I don’t go out of my way to seek notice or pose for pictures during red carpets and all that. I’m a very shy person and I do not want to be noticed in any way.” No wonder she is hardly in the news.

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