Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Monalisa Chinda in another controlling relationship - Ex staff

You may not know it now but there is a magazine called Monalisa magazine and it is the dream child of actress, Monalisa Chinda and her new catch, Lanre Nzeribe. The magazine has been worked on for months and is yet to publish it’s first copy. The first edition we gather will be released next month.
Already, trouble is brewing in the ‘media house’ as a former employee has gone online to reveal irregularities going on in the Magazine’s office. Kevin Keshi who used to be the magazine’s deputy editor went on his blog to reveal the how the magazine has been treating staff. The also revealed that the actress has found herself in another controlling affair. Remember that the actress once divorced a husband whom she described as controlling.
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Kevin Keshi who used to be an assistant features editor chronicled his stay at the company and revealed how Monalisa would switch from being critical about Lanre and even call him names to being submissive and controlled by Lanre. He said Lanre’s plan was to turn the magazine into a porn magazine and this did not sit down well with Monalisa. But not long after, Monalisa was fully on board.
“He had obviously schooled Lisa on what he wanted – of course without the underlying motives – and she was already playing the tunes he dictated while putting on a flaky bold face. Classic Lisa! Even when it seems she finally has an opinion of her own, it’s always shaded by Lanre’s ego-fuelled preferences and biases which often border on his crave for a God-like reverence and being ensconced in his little elitist burble world. God help you if Lisa agrees with you on a matter in private and Lanre has a differing opinion later. She’ll deny you flatly,” Keshi said about Monalisa.
He also talked about a time when Lanre brought in a Chucks who was to take over as the new creative director for the magazine. According to him, Chucks changed the direction of the magazine and almost turned it to a porn magazine and Lanre was ok with it. This however did not make Monalisa happy.

Lanre quoted a telephone conversation he recorded between himself and Monalisa on the issue of Chucks. “It’s a very deep problem, Kelvin. Chuks wanted pictures of naked girls in the magazine and Lanre is on the same page with him, but I don’t want to be part of any of that. He told Lanre to remove me(Monalisa) as publisher and face of the magazine and that the magazine project can go on without me, and would you imagine Lanre agreed? He’s changing the magazine at will and spiritually manipulating Lanre. Chuks is Illuminati. He’s evil and God will scatter them.”

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