Tuesday, 10 December 2013

David Ademinokan sends damning mail, later denies it

 On Tuesday, ex husband of actress Doris Simeon sent a mail to Box office which was also copied to many other media houses. In the mail he accused Doris of using her media ‘Sugar daddies’ to haunt him. He also denied claims by Doris that he did not allow her to see their son David.
Excerpts from the mail goes, “After all the lies she told in court am I still supposed to just be granting her every single request and need? She lied that she has not seen David and I since 2011. This is the same girl that came to Abuja twice to see David and I. The same girl that I flew to Lagos to see personally and privately to discuss David’s custody. This was in January. We also met in London in March when I went to shoot a music video. I have pictures to prove it. I even gave her money to shop as well. It was in London she told me about her new affair with Wale. I didn’t crucify her…
… I've refused to speak to her since because she cannot be killing me on both sides. If she wants to talk and dialogue, she should get outta court and stop messing me up in the press with her media sugar daddies. If she wants to stay in court, I don’t have a problem with that. She should leave me alone and do according to the court rulings. That means she should leave me alone till July.”
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Immediately after receiving the mail, Box Office reached David on phone. His first reaction was to deny ever sending the message. According to him, his email address has been hacked and was used to send out the e-mails. He later said that the message was a private message between him and his pastor. He soon sent an official response via same ‘hacked’ email.

This was his response “I just discovered that some mails were forwarded to all the bloggers and media houses. Someone hacked into my email and did this very appalling act. I got wind of this information when one blogger contacted me about this. I please implore you to disregard these emails. I want you to consider the fact that there are children involved here and everybody is trying to move on with their lives. I don't see any good that a private conversation with my pastor will do to the rest of the world. For the sake of our children and for peace to reign please consider my request.”

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