Friday, 20 December 2013

Why Ladies send me nude photos – Alex Okubo

Alex Ekugbo is a young actor who is steadily becoming the most popular face in movies these days. last year, he was named the most promising actor. By this year he is featuring in both movies and television dramas. Asides his talents, what also works for Alex is his good looks and a body the ladies will die for. I caught up with him recently and he talks about how he made it thus far and his views about women who fall head over heels for him.
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When you meet the young actor the first thing that strikes you is his confidence and wits about him. He tries to keep being humble despite all the eyes staying glued to him at all time. In this chat he seems so indifferent to all the attention he is getting. “I am not the most talented actor out there”, he says, “neither am I the best looking. There is a biblical scripture that says; The race is not for the swift neither is it for the strong but for whom God showeth mercy.  It is humbling and encouraging that God will set me apart from my peers.”
 Such response to a question tells a lot about who Alex is. Or is he just pretending like most of his colleagues do. So we poked him with another one question that will surely bring out his prideful side.  He was asked – “will you say that your handsome contributed to your swift rise to stardom?” His response was, “I cannot take away the fact that this is show business and people would like to see people that are easy on the eyes on Tv. It has, but it is more of talents than good look because there are a lot of people that have got good looks but they do not all make it as actors. Talent is paramount. You see a lot of people that are not good looking and are great actors and you see them winning awards and getting endorsement deals. It helps if you are good looking as well. It’s a good compliment to talent.”
An average man would like to be in Alex shoes. There are ladies by his side anytime you see him. He seems to however always play it cool. According to him God has been helping him struggle against distractions while still single. “It takes the grace of God. I am not distracted or carried away. I try to be as calm as I can be. I make sure I let the word of God guide me, so that I do not fall into pride because a lot of women are chasing me”, says Alex.
That however does not mean that crazy fans will not try to break through his defences. Alex reveals that he had been mauled many times by ladies. “They have done a lot of things that I cannot say here. Ladies have sent me all sorts of messages; I have received all manner of nude pictures. It has been very crazy. It could get distracting when you are in the middle of work and you check your phone to find the picture of a nude lady in it. But by now, I am getting used to it. It all comes with the job. It is not embarrassing to me though. I am used to ladies attention right from when I am a young boy. I learnt something from a senior colleague. He told me that ladies are in love with the image of me on the Tv and not with me as a person. Until you find the one you love, the rest are just snowballing.
In the next few months more of Alex’s works will be out. He featured in the Tv drama called ‘Married to the game’  where he played a married doctor. He is in the just released movie, ‘Lagos Cougar’. He is also in the yet to be released movie called ‘Gold digging’ which was produced by Rukky Sanda.
Despite his passion for acting one would not know that Alex Okubo actually is a lawyer. He never practiced, but went headfirst for an acting career after school. “Acting is my passion. I studied law and I also have a diploma in Mass Communication but somehow what the heart wants the hearts wants. I found my way back to television which is what I have always wanted to be in my life,” he says.

So what are his plans for the future? “I don’t like to make plans for the future. Getting to where I am now is the grace of God. When you start planning you find out that things change. We don’t know tomorrow. Tomorrow you might wake up and get hit by a bus. You can also wake up and win a million dollars. What I can do is to wish myself more success and more growth in the industry. Sky I believe is the starting point,” Alex says.

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