Sunday, 22 December 2013

Is D'banj broke? why he cancelled Koko concert

D’banj, the entertainer cum businessman who hosts the annual Koko Koncert has stated that there will be no concert this year. From close sources, the musician could not raise enough funds to host the show. he is said to have lost a lot of money from last year's Koko concert and did not want to lose more this year. His agents have been visiting various corporate organisations for sponsorship but were turned away. 
Last year, he spent over N150m to bring in Ameriacan star,  Big Sean, Tinie Tempah, Idris Elba and Pusha T. He also spent more bringing in  2Chainz in the June 2013 Edition. D'Banj has quickly debunked the 'broke' issue. On Twitter her had said that the show was cancelled because of the Mandela show organised by Ebony Life. 

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