Friday, 20 December 2013

The truth about Saidi, Fathia’s feud

It is no longer news that the simmering feud between ex-spouses and colleagues Fathia and Saidi Balogun is back on the boil. The truth however is that the stories being circulated contains mostly half-truths and has nothing to do with what is really going on between the two. The story is that the two actors are in court over the right to the name ‘Balogun’. As you know, Fathia after seven years of divorce continues to use Saidi’s Balogun’s surname. But indications from both of them show  the issue is not quite what it is touted to be.
What probably escalated the matter is the press release earlier sent out by Fathia which reads, “Our attention has been drawn to media reports where Saidi Balogun claims that he knows nothing about the media reports that he is in court with our client Fathia Balogun. We will like to put the records straight.”
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The error is, the release did not mention which case was in court. Many quickly deduced that the case is about the usage of the surname. But when both parties were reached by Box Office, the matter was clarified. The two in fact have remained legally married even after the breakup seven years ago and were in court recently to finalise the divorce.
When we reached Saidi he said, “I was accused of lying to the press on a recent rumour that has been circulating. I separated from my ex-wife Fathia Balogun in 2006, over seven years ago. Since we were legally married in court, we had to legally divorce in court to finalize the issue. The public is welcome to go to the Lagos High Court to verify these records. This has absolutely nothing to do with any name. I am not asking or forcing Fathia to stop using the name Balogun, as it is one of the most common Yoruba names,” the fair completion actor said.
Fathia too appeared shocked at the way things turned out. When reached, she expressed surprise at the direction the story had been going. According to her, most of what she knew about her changing her name and going to court, she read in the papers. “I don’t know where they get all these stories from,” she said.

Both Saidi and Fathia have two children together and both bear Balogun, their father’s surname. Fathia had a child before marrying Saidi. Saidi also has more children after the break-up. The two maintain they remain friends and good colleagues. “Their children and their jobs will continue to put them in each other’s way whether they like it or not,” a fellow actor and friend of the duo said. 

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