Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Unbelievable, actress Uche Ogbodo walks out of relationship heavily pregnant (in infidelity mess)

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has walked out of her engagement to Ato Ubby barely 10 months after the lovebirds got engaged traditionally. This could have not come as a surprise since many of such break up happens in the movie industry. The surprising aspect is that the actress is heavily pregnant while she was breaking up with her fiancé.
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When reached by Box-Office, the actress sent a release explaining what went wrong with her relationship and why she decided to break it up despite the fact that she is heavily pregnant. The release reads,  “I realised I had made the greatest mistake of my life. The foundation of the union was based on lies and deceit. We had been dating for almost a year and I thought I knew everything. but nothing prepared me for what unfolded. Yes I am the one walking out on the pack of lies, I am not going to pretend because I want to be married, I am not desperate and I would rather swallow my pride and accept I made a big mistake than forge ahead in lies.
The actress claims that she tried many times to salvage the relationship but she fails to give particular reasons why the relationship broke up. “On the verge of trying to salvage the situation I found out I was expecting a child. I kept quiet to the rumours making the rounds because I was left with the option of thinking for my child and trying to salvage a dead situation but now I have finally made up my mind to break off the engagement and my reasons are irreconcilable differences.
I just want to be left alone to take care of my Child. I wasn’t married I was engaged to be married but as things stand now, the engagement is officially broken due to irreconcilable differences and since I am having my baby soon, my Doctors has advised me to rest as my health and that of my Baby is the most important thing right now.”
After her outburst, the father of Uche’s ex fiancé Pastor Ato released their families version of the story. He explains that at the moment, Ubby is seriously sick in the hospital and Uche is running away from the relationship to rid herself of the responsibility of taking care of him. He also said that Ubby is infact Uche’s husband and not her fiancé since, their family has paid her bride price.
The father said, “We went to her village and paid the bride price and after that she was still bearing her father’s name, I dont know why she didn’t change it. If she is saying now that she is not married then she has divorced herself. Marriage is not by force. I am the father of Ubby and I am telling you now that what she told the press a lie. I am a servant of God and I cannot tell lies, if she is saying that she is not married that means she has rejected us. If she has problems with my son this is the wrong way to go about it but we leave it all to God. We were shocked when people started calling us to say Uche has denied marrying our son.”

Some industry pundits however believes that there is more to story. Both the family of the fiancé and Uche are yet to give concrete  reasons for the break-up. This is when there is a pregnancy involved. Some online sources had suggested that Ubby had confronted Uche about the source of the pregnancy because he is not the father of the unborn child. Uche, according to the source had been told by the family to take a DNA test after the child has been born, and this did not go down well with the actress. She was said to have opted out of the relationship instead of being subjected to a DNA test. 

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