Friday, 11 July 2014

Why Fred Ade Williams had to die - Africa Magic boss reveals

If like me you were shocked that the key actor in Tinsel Fred Ade Williams died in the soap opera, there is now an explanation for his death. To get answers on why Victor Olaotan, the man who have played Fred Ade Williams for over 4 years had to leave the show, I had to go to the head honcho. I was with the head of Africa Magic, Wangi, Mba-Uzoukwu. I could not help but ask her the big question, why did Fred die? she gave this reason, 

"People come and go in dramas. If he did not die, some people will also complain. He is human, he had faced many health conditions and he kept surviving it. This time he was shot, if he survived a gunshot as well, people will start asking if he is superman or Die hard. The feedback we got after he died was so much but it was good for us to get such feedbacks." 

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  1. what I heard was different. I heard there was a major fallout btw "Fred" and the producers and he had to leave which was why they had to come up with a script where he was shot and then died from the complications.