Monday, 28 October 2013

Dammy Krane fights Davido over Skelewu ownership

Written by Tayo Ayomide

In this fickle thing we call life, being wise is extremely important. Not doing what you should at the right time will get you thrown to the gutters. Victories are not built on niceties and a playful attitude. The best asset of winners is their ability to seize chances when opportunity strikes.
‘Skelewu’ is one of the hottest songs around. The author of that song is a man named Davido. Depending on who you ask, Davido is either an immature bully or a hit factory. Some will tell you he his all of the above. Hate or love him you can’t deny that this young man has created enough hits that would make some veterans’ discography look empty. His brash style of flashing cash and his extravagant lifestyle has helped him gain a nation full of haters but when he songs come up in the clubs, his haters dance. Now he has another monster hit on his hands ‘Skelewu’. The song produced by Shizzi has had a life of its own since it was released. The infectious song also has an accompanying dance step which bears the name ‘Skelewu.’ 
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As ‘Skelewu’ climbs the charts, a young pop act called Dammy Krane comes into the picture. Dammy Krane is a bubbly fun loving pop act whose forte is in blending Fuji and pop music. He has scored a hit called ‘My Dear’ with his brand of music. Now Dammy Krane has come out to say that the ‘Skelewu’ dance was invented by him. Truth be told the earliest version of ‘Skelewu’ was first done by Dammy Krane…at least that we know off. Since the eruption of Davido’s hit, it has been reported that Dammy Krane has been pissed that he took his dance step and turned it to his.
I disagree with this totally. Davido didn’t steal Skelewu. Yes, he didn’t. Dammy Krane has had this dance move for quite sometime now but didn’t bother for once to brand and package it. Here comes Davido who has a nose for money. Not only did he brand it, he created a hit track to go along with it. Before you scream Davido is a thief, ask yourself these questions;
i)Has Davido made any statement saying that he is the creator of the dance move now known was ‘Skelewu’?
ii)Prior to the release of ‘Skelewu’ what had Dammy Krane done with the dance move?
Your answers are probably no and nothing. You see Davido didn’t steal the dance move he just took it and blew it up. Get this straight Dammy Krane did a dance move that had no name while Davido made it a dance craze with a name and hot track to follow. Allow me to paraphrase Jay-Z; “you made it a dance move, I made it a hit dance move”. Deep down I think Dammy Krane might be mad that he missed the ‘big hit’ under it’s nose. Have you had an idea only for you to drag your feet or discard only for someone to profit of it months earlier? It happens to all of us.
Let’s not lie the move itself was vague. How many people in the clubs did the ‘Skelewu’ before ‘Skelewu’ came out. Did people shout “do the Dammy Krane dance at parties” before ‘Skelewu’ dropped? Hell, no. This reminds me of when Loon was signed to Bad Boy and said he was the originator of the laid back flow that Mase used on all his songs. Who cares? Loon might have discovered it but Mase is the one with all the gold and platinum plaques.
Life is a jungle and nothing is guaranteed. If you don’t use what you have, nature will give it to someone else who knows how to use it better. That’s just how life is. Dammy Krane has been doing this move for a while but no one around him saw the need for him to commercialize it. Opportunity gone. Dammy Krane’s loss, Davido’s gain.
Go to You Tube and type ‘Skelewu’ and you will see hundreds of dance videos with Davido’s jam playing in the background. It’s a sensation. Everything about the move screams Davido now. The song has pushed the dance move way out of orbit. No matter how Dammy Krane spins this with his ‘Sabi Dance’, that move will forever be tied to Davido now.

The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong says the Good Book, we all owe success to time and chance. The time was right for a hit single with a dance move and Davido took his chance and Dammy Krane did not. Dammy Krane might have given birth to it but Davido has named it and is fathering it. #Fact
You live and you learn. Davido has earned a victory. If Dammy Krane wants to win the war he should come up with a song madder than ‘Skelewu’ and not try to fuss over spilled milk. All is fair in love and dance moves. 

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