Thursday, 10 October 2013

Denrele has a secret child? (Exclusive pix)

I cannot confirm this but  the words  he used here seem too deep. Hmmm. Solving for the gay rumour.


  1. Can we jus leave aside d idea of this solvin d gay rumour,havin a kid dosent stop him frm practisn his gay shit nd if trully d baby is his Good4him

  2. Because he wear,s make up, high heel and has a bushi hair does not make him a gay. Try and study some body before you start judging, what ever you saw was a publicity stunt, his life style is his packaging. Boy george from london do more extreme of what this denrele ever did but boy george is not a gay. Please if you don't know about the business don't talk about it. DENRELE IS NOT A GAY