Thursday, 17 October 2013

Monalisa to launch her magazine in Ghana

monalisa, lanre and monalisa editorial crew
Nollywood star, Monalisa Chinda has revealed plans to launch her debut magazine, Monalisa in Nigeria and Ghana before the year runs out.
Weeks after an outburst from the ex-editor of the magazine, which is published with assistance from Monalisa’s lover, Lanre Nzeribe, the Catwalq star hinted the Ghanaian public her plans to launch the magazine in the first week of November in Nigeria and Ghana in December.
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In her words ‘Ghana is a place I visit all the time. But for the first time, probably, because Monalisa magazine is a big project I’m about to launch, I had to come with my team to get content for the magazine and also source for a venue for the Ghana launch.’
Speaking further on her decision to launch in Ghana, ‘We need the feel and presence of Ghana in this particular magazine. That was why I went public to make my presence known; to say, hey, your sister and Nollywood celeb is here and needs your support!
Source: momo

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