Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I do not bleach – actress Salma Munim

Ghanaianan actress Salma Munim has dispelled rumours making the rounds that she has started bleaching to catch the attention of producers to earn her lead roles in movies. This because there is the perception that light skinned actors sell more making them the preferred choice of producers for leading roles, regardless of their acting capabilities.
As a result of this, some dark skinned actors and actresses have been rumoured to have resorted to bleaching to be cast in such roles too. When reached on Facebook, the actress dispelled stories that she is also bleaching heavily. “I will not bleach and I have not bleached. I am confident with my body and skin tone and I like the way I look,” she replied.
The 25 year old actress made it clear that she is against bleaching because she is fully aware of the health hazards that it leaves in its trail. 'I admit being light skinned is nice because it gives you some confidence but bleaching is not good because of the damage it causes the skin. Moreover I don't need to be light skinned to get roles. I know my capabilities and movie makers I have worked with can attest to that' she said.'

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