Monday, 18 June 2012


After Big Brother’s most gangsta week ever, two housemates were evicted and two housemates upgraded to Upville on Sunday night’s live Big Brother StarGame Eviction show. Africa’s votes split South Africa’s Keagan & Lee and Namibia’s Jesica & Junia – upgrading Keagan & Junia to Upville and evicting Lee & Jesica from the game. 
Junia and Keagan received the same number of country votes from Africa this week, resulting in their upgrade to Upville - and sending their partners packing.
Kenyan Afro-pop acoustic band Sauti Sol set the tone for a jam-packed eviction show with their hit ”Nairobi” while DJ Xclusive from Cool FM in Nigeria kept the beats flowing throughout.

First-up, IK gave viewers a reminder of the week that was. In Upville, the housemates were getting up to mischief and the pranks were flowing thick and fast. They won their wager, acing the Sprite Triple-Slam task which saw them pimp a scooter, play a basketball match as full of booty-shaking as it was of hoops, and rapping up a storm. Goldie picked up the Head of House title for the week by scooping more ice-cream in the task than any of her fellow housemates.

Things were just as ‘hip’ in Downville as they pimped a Mini, shot some hoops and went paint crazy to win their wager, with Wati beating the brain-freeze in the Head of House challenge to take the title this week.

With the reviews done, IK took viewers into Downville and chatted to the nominated pairs. He asked both duos to stand and after reminding them that Big Brother can mix the game up anyway he wants to, summoned Jesica and Junia to the stage.

The 9th couple to be evicted from Downville joined him and had a chat about their time in the house. IK teased Junia about her constant bickering with Keagan and asked her whether there was more to their relationship, but the Namibian simply said that irritating the South African had been fun. She also said that her relationship with Malonza, whom she had kissed, was strictly friendly and told IK that she had no beef with Janette, she just simply found her to be ‘too much’.

IK got the chance to quiz Jesica about her feelings for Luke, with the Namibian revealing that his charm had worked on her really fast and that her feelings for him were real. “Liberia, here I come!” she told the audience.

The Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo auditor joined the trio on stage and confirmed that results had been verified. IK told them that the viewers had decided to keep one of them in the game, meaning one of them would be heading home. After a tense pause, IK told them: “Junia, you’ve been awesome and the viewers have decided that you’re going to Upville. Jesica that means that you’re going home.” Junia entered a sombre Upville house, not knowing quite what to make of things! The VIP housemates played it cool, greeting her calmly until former Downville housemates Maneta and Keitta leapt out and hugged her.

As Junia got to know her new housemates, IK called Keagan and Lee onto stage as well. Tanzania’s AY featuring FA and DJ Arthur performed Money as the South African duo said their goodbyes.

IK chatted to Keagan about his disregard for rules, but questioned why he had then competed so hard in the Head of House challenges. Keagan told him that it was nice to be able to break rules, but still be in charge! He also told IK that there was nothing serious behind his bickering with Junia but that he had been irritated by Janette.
IK turned his attention to Lee, asking him about his kiss in the jacuzzi with Junia. Lee laughingly explained that it was part of a game of Truth or Dare, he didn’t feel like getting out of the Jacuzzi to brave the cold weather for a dare, so he had settled for the kiss. Asked if he had any special feelings for any of his housemates, he told IK that he would pick the female Big Brother voice which greeted him in the Diary Room one day, over anybody else.

Getting back to serious business, it was time for IK to reveal the result of the continental vote. “We’re going to be saying goodbye to one of you tonight,” he told them.  “Tonight, Lee, you’ve been evicted from the Big Brother StarGame. Keagan, Africa has decided to send you to Upville,” said IK, splitting the mischievous duo. As Lee said his goodbyes to the audience, Keagan joined Upville and got the same frosty response that Junia got – and was relieved when Maneta and Keitta appeared and hugged him.

IK had time to remind Upville that they would be having nomination sessions on Monday and that the two new arrivals would be immune from nomination.

With 17 housemates left in the game and 52 days to play, anything goes in the hunt for the USD300 000 prize.

In this week’s, viewer vote competition, Joseph Despanda (Namibia) won a Big Boy Scooter, Taiwo Apara (Nigeria) picked up a DStv Walka and Shaila Metlock (Kenya) will be watching Big Brother StarGame on a brand new DStv HD PVR Decoder.

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