Friday, 29 June 2012

DJ Tee Flees town after stabbing

It is no longer news that DJ Tee stabbed a young artiste who he was shooting a music video for. The cause of the stabbing is yet to be confirmed because it is only the victim that has been making the accusations. while trying to get to DJ Tee, his phone was switched off. I even sent someone to his house on Allen Avenue, I was told the place was deserted. from the victim, DT Tee got angry when the young boy was trying to dictate the kind of shots he wants for his video. (read on)
DJ Tee is known for his short temper. It will interest you to know that he was a former Nigerian Army soldier and he also fought as a peace keeper in Serria Leone. His temper had gotten the worse of him some years back when he beat up some OPC men in Ikeja. he also slapped a foreing entertainment mogul when she stepped on the chord of his camera in Lagos. Though it will be unfair to deduce, His short temper might be one of the reasons his long time wife and mother of his child, Joke Jaiyesimi left him.

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