Monday, 25 June 2012

Goldie choses BF over BFF

Head of House Goldie’s decision to save in-house Boy briend, Prezzo, rather than her Best friend forever Barbz, proved pivotal and the Nigerian singer’s distress was palpable as she crumpled to the couch when IK read out the South African’s name.
An emotional Goldie explained to her housemates that she never thought she’d have to choose between Barbz and Prezzo. “I was caught up in the moment and confused - I had to replace Prezzo with Keitta. I’m so sorry Barbz,” she said as she sank to her knees in front of the South African. Barbz comforted her friend, telling her it was all ok, as Keitta headed upstairs to hurriedly pack his bags.

To be fair on Goldie, the self made blonde had spent more time with Prezzo than with Barbz. Also, it is obvious that Prezzo would do the same for her if faced with similar situation.
What do you think?
Also in the house: Once the Ghanaian had his luggage ready, IK returned to the house to reveal the result of Africa’s votes. “Keitta, you’re not leaving Upville - Barbz I’m sorry you’ve been evicted from the Big Brother house,” said IK, as the despairing Goldie broke down again.

Barbz strutted her way to the front of the stage and joined IK, saying she was excited to see so many beautiful faces in the studio audience. She told him that she was looking forward to heading home to the people who love her and who will take care of her. She fielded two questions from the Big Brother StarGame Facebook page, one about forming true relationships in the house and another about whether she would continue to look after her mother. She told IK that she had developed a ‘beautiful relationship’ with Keitta – “I have a thing for people from Ghana,” she said with a grin – and that she would definitely keep looking after her mom, whom she called her “pillar of strength”.

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