Saturday, 25 August 2012

Broke Djinee, complains about the industry

Yes! You all know talented act Djinne for his R & B skills especially when he grabbed our attention with his first single “Ego”. Enjoy as Djinne tells it all to Hip on TV why his recent music materials sound more commercial than the others
“You wanna listen to Jazz but we don’t have jazz stations. The channels for propagating those elitist music are not there. You want me to play R&B, but we don’t have a strictly R&B station. Even brands don’t even lean towards R&B much. Show promoters really don’t set up for such. At the end of the day, music is a business, it’s commerce. Commerce is buying and selling. If you are not willing to buy what I have to sell, then I’ll not even have money to pay to make more music.”
 “But how would an artistes’ music be popular if the channel is not there? How would he make money. I’m not going to be local champion. I would make the music, make my money because that’s why I am in the business. Yes, I’m passionate about it, I wanna get paid, so that I can shoot videos… “ He said further.
And as regards his latest body of work “On Me” featuring Muna, this was what he had to say;
 “Muna works best on a whole lot of levels. I didn’t wanna use  guy because I didn’t feel a guy would have worked best on the song I was trying to put out. I’m up for collabos but Muna’s made sense at that point. But it has to make sense. “ (culled from Hip hop world newsletter)

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