Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nollywood actress fights Breast Cancer

Juliet Aguwa is once again coming back home from her base in America as she continues her campaign against breast cancer. The beautiful mother of two daughters who herself survived the pangs of breast cancer when she was diagnosed of aggressive breast cancer stage 3c in 2008 is about now preparing to make her way down to Nigeria to continue her awareness programme for underserved Africans worldwide and the need to reach out to under-privileged African women undergoing the painful trauma caused by breast cancer.
Through her Courage to Dare Foundation, Juliet who appeared in several TV series and Talk Shows on NTA, Lagos, including drama series such as ‘Twist Away’ and ‘Memorial Hospital’ before she migrated to the USA to further her studies, is looking forward to launch its inaugural program, an educational Breast Cancer Awareness in August, 2012, due to an invite from Imo State's First Lady, Mrs. Nkechi Okorocha.

The awareness programme will be the first ever event of its kind in Imo State, Nigeria. Last year, Juliet’s awareness gala event attracted over 300 participants at Lagos State University and Lagos University Teaching Hospital and she is hoping to make an even bigger impression with her awareness programme in Imo State.
The graduate Theatre Arts will be in Imo State this month and her itinerary will see her begin her campaign on August 12 with a meeting breast cancer patients at Ahiazu, Mbaise. Her campaign train will also take her to Umuozu Development Union - Umuozu-Nwangele LGA on August 16 and Umuovum Ulakwo L.G.A on August 17.
“Through Courage to Dare Foundation, I am determined to ensure that individuals of African descent have access to information about breast cancer and also have access to preventive mammogram screenings.
“These days, I feel as though breast cancer gave me a new life. Before I had breast cancer, I worked hard on being a mother and a wife, and I think one of the things I neglected most was me! So after cancer, I decided that you only have one time to live your life. I want to go back to the film industry. I am pursuing a master’s degree in public health in Wisconsin where I live now.

“I am also going to keep talking about breast cancer because people have to know that being diagnosed with the disease doesn’t mean that they are going to die, that with early detection and quick action, they can survive breast cancer.” She said.

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