Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How Nigerians will take the hurricane

"Imagine say a 'Hurricane Iyabo ' is heading for Ekiti State in 3 weeks.. First and foremost; 1. Prophet T.B Joshua will prohesy the hurricane. 2. Ekiti State Governor will hold a press conference advicing the people of the state to remain calm as government is working hard to see how they can tackle the situation. 3. National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) will grant an interview on Channels

TV and AIT saying that they are well trained and prepared to handle the crisis. That they are untop of the Situation. 4. The Federal Government will wait for the Hurricane to first land and wipe out Ekiti State then; - Hold a day of National Mourning and Prayers and order the flag be flown at half mast. - Visit the disaster location for a first hand assessment of the damage. - Visit the survivors camp and share relief material (Mosquito nets, rice and Indomie) - Set up a committee to investigate the Hurricane and see how we can prevent future hurricanes from visiting Nigeria. - Release billions of Naira (on Paper) for disaster management. - Sack the Minister of Water Resources for failing to contain the water. - Commend the State Governor, NEMA, Red Cross and other emergency services unit for their quick response. 5. The Senate willl hold an emergency session and condemn the 'Hurricane'. 6. Churches around Nigeria will hold crusades and Programmes with Titles like 'May Hurricane wipe out your enemies'.. 'Calming the Hurricenes in your life'.. 'Finding the Rainbow in your Hurricane'.. e.t.c.. 7. M.I Abaga will release a single about hurricanes. 8. Femi Falana (SAN) will sue the Hurricane, F.G and Ekiti State government for their poor handling of the Hurricane. 9. CPC, ACN, APGA and others will blame the PDP and Jonathan for the Hurricane. 10. Jokes about BOKO HARAM claims responsibility for the Hurricane will go viral on Facebook, Blackberry Messenger and Twitter.. 12. Many People will change their Blackberry Display Pictures to 'Hurricane Pictures' and their status will read.. #Hurricane Things..

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