Monday, 22 October 2012

I saw at the PMA

The Q-Lounge in Surulere was populated with literary minds last weekend when The body, Poetry Music and other Art forms (PMA) hosted the fourth edition of its quarterly event. Tagged Creatively Naked. The event was aimed at getting literary writers to present oratory works that bares their mind form the day to day city life.
There were over 25 orators reciting works that bordered around politics, love, beauty, and other topics. The star of the night was popular poet, Obidara Ifejika, with her beautifully recited poems titled ‘No permanent address’ and ‘New Nigeria’.  I also recited my work, 'I am better than my neighbour'. I was suprised people clapped

Speaking about the event, the co-ordinator, Adeola Olamipo expressed joy on the success of the event. “I am happy the whole thing went well. The quality of the event has improved. As you can see, there are more participants this time around. I am also impressed about the quality of recitations,” Adeola said.
PMA is a poetry and art event which aims at preserving the art engaging and teaching the youth the beauty and importance of art. The next event will hold in February.

Below was what I read

I’m better than my neighbour
Hazeez Balogun

It’s the same noise night after night
Compounds, alleys and even from the street corners you will hear the hum
it does not just echoes, its vibrates
Your ears, your sanity, and even your soul it penetrates

Sometimes I try to mentally block off the audible intruder
But the more I try, the more my headaches
It is so loud that if you smashed a plate of china
It will go unnoticed like a pin dropping in the river Niger

Though I share a part of the blame for all the confusion
My neighbour is the major killer
While I and the other tenants keep our house alit with humble generators
Mr ‘Im better than my neighbour’ uses a caterpillar engine

But finally God intervenes. He said “let there be light” and NEPA did switch on the light
Even children that had passed their bedtime chorused “up NEPA”
Yet all that did not make me happy
Until my neighbour switched his gen off. And God said again; “Peace be still”

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