Monday, 1 October 2012

Watch Zeeza's sexy video (with bathtub scenes)

The name Azizat (Zeeza) Sadiq is not one that is new in the Nigerian showbiz industry, particularly Nollyood. Breaking away from the generic to stardom by winning the first ever Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO Season1).
Zeeza went on to feature as lead in the movie SITANDA.This, as many Nollywood fans will admit, put her in the light as an actress with both poise and passion, not to mention the talent which is hard not to notice at first encounter. She also worked with Major media houses like the BBC world service trust and Mnet Africa on projects like Wetin Dey and Edge of Paradise before making her way to the UKwhere she is now based.
Zeeza, like the saying goes: is now ‘back with a banger…’ (M.I). Now also into music, she has shown her love and passion yet again, for the game …having finished a course in music at her present base in the UK, she’s ready to set the Nigerian music industry ablaze! With 3 songs already to her name, she isn’t stopping now…

The most prominent of the songs ‘LAU LAU’ featuring One Lyf is one with a very Nigerian appeal…for each and every Nigerian ear to listen to… She is currently working on a Musical movie called Urban Rhythm in which she plays herself as an artist and is also recording songs for her upcoming Album

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  1. But I can tell you what I was doing. Being sexy. With my new camera. I had a play with it around the house. It does full HD video, which I think comes out sexy videos