Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Majek Fashek sues American Company for $1m

Majek Fashek and his management team, A+Entertainment Production, owned by Hajia Dangaji, have concluded plans with their lawyers to sue America- based Sony Music and Interscope Records over unpaid royalties due to Majek these past years. According the Rainmaker, “New Yorkers are wayo people. The people there owe me. They owe me $1m. I have made a memo on that with my management and lawyers and we will take it to court. Those owing me are Sony Music and InterScope. For that, Hajia will follow me to New York. The money is for my record sales and royalty, on Spirit of Love. If I have the money I will give Hajia some of it and use the rest on myself. That shall stop our suffering.

I do not like suffering. And Hajia has suffered for me too.” Majek also used the media chat to speak on his family and his wife, Rita “My two sons are Randy and Destiny. Destiny is into hip hop while Randy, the elder brother owns a musical studio also in America. Randy writes music too; they all live in New York. I produced two tracks for Destiny.” Majek, who said his children cannot come to Nigeria unless the economic and social conditions in Nigeria improve refused to admit that his wife could still be faithful to him after his long years of absence from home. “My wife and I have been together for almost thirty years now. I am a good lover; I did not deceive my wife. I do give her much love, romancing her a lot. She never get that kind of romance anywhere before. American boys tried but they failed. They could not go into her for I am a native doctor. My juju is upon her head.”

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