Monday, 22 October 2012

Lagosians curse Fashola, as Okada gets banned

Okada operators have been finally chased out of Ikeja and other areas of Lagos. Though the state govt did not inform both the operators and the general public why they made this decisions, the outcome appears to be devastating. No one know what the state govt which is steadily losing popularity amongst the common Lagosians is trying to achieve with such move.

The total ban has left thousands stranded all over Lagos. It seems the govt does not know that commercial motor bikes are the mojor source of transportation form many. taking them out of the streets without alternatives will only prove devastating while many will suffer.
already, the streets of Ikeja this morning is filled with thousands of men and women walking long distances to get to their place of work. many were stranded on the road.
whatever the reason for the ban, Fashola or his commissioner for transportation should at least inform the public on reasons why they made the decision. their attitude to governance these days are starting to feel like that of the military. They have made the decision, and nobody can question them.

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