Thursday, 14 November 2013

Karen replies Yvonne Nelson's insults

Few weeks ago, Yvonne Nelson made fun of Karen’s boobs and also insulted some Nigerian celebs on twitter, but claimed her account was hacked. Karen later went in hard on her, and even told her she has been passed round enough by Nigerian men. Again, Karen is speaking. Here is what she said to Victor Eneged when asked about the incident.
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"Let me break it down first and foremost, I don’t know Yvonne Nelson and I have never met her. I heard she is a Ghanaian actress. I don’t hate on anyone who is trying to make a living but you just can’t come out of the blue and insult me. Everybody knows I’m not troublesome. If you look for my trouble I would give you double. Why would you just insult Nigerian celebs and myself, ‘wetin I do you na?’It’s not like we’ve met before. Attention seekers should go and look for the attention elsewhere.
If your account was hacked with a verified account they won’t tweet personal messages at celebs. They would try and send viruses and spam and keep on hacking. You don’t say Karen has been quiet and try to take shots at her. Right now, I don’t even care any more because they are attention seekers who whenthey can’t get attention from men, they try to get it from women. The best thing is to ignore them. If indeed your account was hacked, you would look for my contact and call me and apologize or apologize to Nigerians or mention at me on twitter and apologize personally. I hope the girl has learnt her lesson that if you want to be famous you do it the right way. God has blessed you and put you where you are so work on how to succeed and not look for ways to belittle other people."

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