Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Maheeda and Charles Novia trade insults

If you are a follower of film maker, Charles Novia on social media, you will be familiar with the stinker he wrote about young artiste, Maheeda. First of all, we know that Maheeda is popular not for her music but for her provocative dressing and dances in her video. She is also known for sharing lewd pictures of herself on social media.
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As usual, Charles Novia who is known to take on such people online quickly sprang to action. He wrote a long story titled, 'Maheeda’s maladjustment'. His first sentences were very inflammatory. He said “she used to be a prostitute who got ‘converted’ into Christianity and later released a Gospel album or some singles. Somehow, she decided to straddle the pop culture horse and brought out some nifty singles and videos which found backwater acceptance on Youtube. Maheeda is also reported to be married to a white dude and she is presumed to be presently living in a European country with the man and her daughter.”
He continued to use strong words on her. “It is instructive to psycho-analyse negative trenders such as Maheeda who have decided to gain cheap or compulsory notoriety by posting pictures of their nakedness on social networks. Granted, there were others before her based in Nigeria or somewhere in America , some older Nanny Goats who threw decorum to the wind as well and posted pictures of drooping breasts and disgusting backsides in a bid to gain unfathomable attention. Did Maheeda learn from them? Or did she decide to improve on their art ( or rather, their tart!)?.,” wrote Charles.
Maheeda did not take all these insult sitting down. She chose her preferred medium, social media to unleash insult of the movie make who is old enough to be her father. She said on Twitter, “Charles Novia is just an attention seeker like me but he is so much of an hypocrite to admit his. He writes bad about people to get attention. I really can’t tell the difference between me and Charles Novia, only that he has no pussy to put on a net so he decided to talk about mine.” That was not the end of the insults. She also called Charles career as dying “My reply to Charles Novia; he is just a movie producer and his career is dying, he needs to write about me to be relevant. Go and make me a movie,” Maheeda said.

Just recently, social media, Instagram cancelled her account due to the kind of pictures she post on it.

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