Saturday, 16 November 2013

MI moves to reunite Choc Boiz

Source: Hiphop world
After the much publicized back and forth between record label Chocolate City and former artiste under the Choc Boi umbrella BrymO, it’s obvious some people still feel they should make music together. Surprisingly it’s none other than Choc City Vice President Jude Abaga.
Choc Boiz Mister Incredible was in the Hip Hop world offices on tuesday November 5th and spoke to us on the BrymO debacle. Apart from airing his views on the court injunction among other things, the Chocolate City act told us exclusively that he still looked forward to doing more Choc Boi music.
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He opined that his former label mate BrymO was a great artiste and had reached a creative height that is borderline genius but it doesn’t change the fact that he needs to give the Record label their due so they can allow him release the Merchant, Dealers and Slaves project.
Speaking on new Choc Boi music he was quick to add that he’s not so sure if BrymO would be available for that. He also said when new Choc Boi music is about to be made his relationship with Jesse Jagz at that point will also be a deciding factor.

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