Monday, 25 November 2013

Young Ones(YO) now have their magazine

YO! Magazine, simply Young Ones, a general interest children’s magazine, published by Kanbitoons Company has berthed in Nigeria.
It is a 32 page colourful magazine created to provide information and significantly inculcate the reading culture in the Nigerian young ones and support the attainment of high children’s didactic performance in schools and the larger children community.
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Information has it that the mission of the publisher is to make the society more interesting and unite the A, B, C, D socio economic class of children alike both in public and private schools in Nigeria in the area of development by educating the young ones, through reading habit with related content by chronicling the best stories and materials that are educative and entertaining.
The scope of the publication includes interaction, connection and networking, learning and development, rewards and benefits, talent management, technologies, performance management, parents’ relations and engagement, health and safety and other children functions.
More so, it presents role models interview that knows no boundaries or frontiers in building a better nation for the coming generation without bias in clarifying words and self explanatory photographs.
Also, the new magazine offers the mix of professionalism. Children news to us goes beyond mere giving account of happenstances or issues that affect their daily lives; rather, we approach it as a value driven item, by giving them well thought-out interpretations of salient factors that underline various issues and events of various general interests that are quite educative.
More so, YO! Magazine is an all encompassing online and print journal of celebrity kids, from school tips to entertainment news, parenting to lifestyle and cartoons. You can rest be assured that we package the magazine for the children to read, learn and get inspired for success with unequalled and unparalleled content to beat and educational reports to copy at N500.

It is positioned to inform a whole new generation of young readers and learners of power of communication on a free note- because YO! Magazine is almost FREE from what we are offering as the cover price for the maiden publication which is special edition for children's delight.

And last, just as already known successful magazines set out- the subject of the journal that will appeal across more than one discipline, taking into consideration other existing children’s journals and the total package is definitely different from any other existing children’s journal, because it is a reference medium for a cross visualization of ideas, and providing a contributing forum across editorial board with widest circulation all over the public and private schools across the country and good press in a course we believe in for the leaders of tomorrow, emphasized Kanbi Owolabi, the publisher.

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