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Why we have no boyfriends – Akenke twins

The Aneke twins courted with acting and showbiz since they were little children. They were mini stars in Nkanu, Enugu state were they hailed from. After appearing in a couple of movies, the two became instant hits and their fan base continue to climb. In this chat with me, they both spoke about their lives, non-existent love life and future planes.

What are you working on at the moment
Her newest baby is called National experience with a squel called National service. We are also working on another one, it is an epic movie, we cannot give out the name just now, so keep your fingers crossed. National experience is about life as corpers. You find out that many young people asked to go and serve, when they get there, they will leave their primary assignment and focus on other things. some go into stealing, kidnapping, prostitution and some going into scam. We try to find out what are the reasons for this trend and we do a movie on what we found.
We found out that sometimes, these behaviours are caused by parents. Some parents do not pay attention to the upbringing of their children. You will see parents  that see their children using phones of over N150,000, yet their parents will not say anything. So when these kind of children go for their NYSC, the chain is off, they can do whatever they like. Meanwhile NYSC itself is to inculcate discipline and loyal service, so this trend is anti productive.
Unlike most actors who move from acting to production, you started off producing your own movies
Since 2008, we have been doing our own movies. Thank God, we just wanted
When did you decide acting was your thing?
When we were small, we used to act in church dramas. Then later, we started getting little roles. There was a time we left school for acting. our mum was not happy with it, she said that we can do whatever we wanted as long as we finished school.
Many say that it is difficult to break into Nollywood, was that so for you two?
Not really. Whatever we do is leave to God to direct. Once it is our vision God will find a way out for you. God will not give us a vision without backing it. Also we knew we had the talent for it and we developed that talent. If you are watching Idi Edo and Genevieve and you think it is easy to be where they are, then you must be joking. But if you are ready to work hard then the sky will be your limit. The industry is so wide and it can accommodate anybody who has the flare. Everyone has his own special talent, and everyone has his or her own time. When your time comes, it would be difficult for anyone to bring you down.  So in essence, we don’t see those in the industry as challenges or rivals. Some may be bigger than us today and tomorrow, we could be bigger than them.
You were having some problems with DSTV is it resolved now?
No, we are still on it. I am surprised they are not being apologetic about using our films without permission. The first day we saw our film on DSTV is was like a shock. I mean, we did not give it to them talk less of selling it to them. We contacted them the next day, and they directed us to someone else, the person said they will not take the movie off air without getting a court order. It was until we went to court before they could take the movie off air. We have not received any compensation for the days it was aired.
Asides DSTV what other challenges have you faced with the distribution of your movie?
We need the government to help us fight piracy. It is these 10 in one cds that are the problem. You will see a DVD for N150, and it has 10 movies in it. How can we sell the original which is N250. We need the government to help us fight all these.
Some say the Aneke twins are super rich now
Ah, yes o, we claim it. With God we are millioniares. Our father owns this world and he is very rich, so we claim it, we are rich. Meanwhile if you are ready to give us millions we will take it o. It is God, who is making us look good and look fresh, when people see us they say that we have arrived. That is God reflecting on us. We will not say that we are not earning money, but we are looking at higher things, the money is just by the side.
You were not popular some years back, how are you living with the instant fame?
I will not call it instant fame. We have been popular even as children. You know that twins are easy to spot, and as twins we have enjoyed a little bit of attention from a very young age. Today the thing is hyper. You will see some people who just jump on you from nowhere, and we will be dumb folded.  They some will come close to us and even kiss us. But we still try to be ourselves. We each roasted plantain by the road side, we know people are seeing us, but it only shows them that we are down to earth.
What is the craziest thing a fan has never done to you?
Plenty. I cannot count. One day one man just came close to us and he planted a kiss in my mouth., before I could say anything he was thanking me for the kiss saying that  he will not wash his mouth for days. We could not get angry, we just burst into laughter. They do a lot of crazy things, but we are wary of our safety too.
How does one know who is Chidima and who is Chidi Ebere?
You don’t need to. Anytime I wake up and I see my beautiful sister, and I realise that is exactly how I look, I thank God for making me as beautiful. We do not want people to even know the difference. Maybe if you are close enough to us, you will know the difference.
Tell us about pranks you played as twins when you were younger
We did that a lot. We beat up people a lot. If you look for trouble from one of us, then be ready to be beaten by both of us. If you mistakenly report us to our father, that would be double trouble for you. We will wait in ambush for you and we will beat you up a second time. even when one of us is reported for  going something wrong, we both take the blame and we both get punished.
Have your boyfriends mistook you before?
Many times. When they don’t know which is which they surely will mistake us.
Tell us about your boyfriends.
We are fine, God is our love life. Nobody has ever told me I love you and I said I love you too. We don’t have boyfriends. They may be distractions sometimes. We are okay for now, we are concentrating on our work. If that time comes you will know.
Marriage seem to be the reigning thing in Nollywood actresses these days, you should be feeling the pressure somehow
That our colleagues are marrying does not mean we should rush into it. If we rush in, we will rush out. We will wait for our own time. we were brought up to take the marriage institution very seriously. Our parents were together till our father passed on and my mother never remarried. It is death do us part. So when we are getting married you surely will know.
Will you say the fact that you are twin contribute to your success.
All is the grace of God. I agree that twins are blessing from God so God’s favour is always on us. I am sure the P-Square of today will tell you that they also had God’s guidance to take them to where they are today.
You are yet to get into scandals, does it scare you that you might get your own share soon.
Nobody is perfect and nobody is above mistake. Those you see today that are enmeshed in one scandal or the other, sometimes it may not be their fault. We don’t need to condemn them. Nobody is perfect. We are not above scandals too, we only pray that God see us through our every decisions.
Sure you are from the east, but many don’t know exactly where you are from.
We are From Nkanu local govt in Enugu State. That is the same place Christian Chukwu, the Nigerian international player comes from.
There was a story going round that P-Square proposed to both of you.
No. Ah, we were surprised the way the story came out like that. We just said that we would not say yes just like that if P-Square asks us to marry them. What we meant is that there are many things to look at before saying yes to a man. 

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